Chapter 29-30 Test Review

  1. Underwood Tariff Bill
    Lowered the tariff to 27%.
  2. Payne Aldrich Bill
    Lowered some tariffs and raised some.
  3. Federal Trade Commission
    Controlled interstate trade commerce.
  4. Clayton Anti-Trust Act/Sherman Anti- Trust
    Broke up trust.
  5. LaFollete Seaman's Act
    Living wages and better conditions for merchant marines.
  6. Workingman's Compensation Act
    Injured on work you get compensation.
  7. Adamson Act
    8 hour work day for railroad men.
  8. Aldrich-Vreeland Act
    Banks could issue emergency currency.
  9. Aldrich Investigation
    Looked into the Panic of 1907.
  10. Louis D. Brandeis
    Wrote a book telling how the rich were using banks to monopolize.
  11. Federal Reserve Act
    Created our modern banking system.
  12. Federal Farm Loan Act
    Offered farmers loans at lower intrest rates.
  13. Pancho Villa
    Mexican revolutionary leader who later turned on America.
  14. Virgin Islands
    America bought the US Virgin Islands from Denmark for $25 million.
  15. Reasons for WW1
    • Militarism¬†
    • Alliances
    • Imperalism
    • Nationalism
  16. Franz Ferdinand
    His killing was the final spark to begin WWI.
  17. Balkan Crisis
    Places like Serbia desire for their freedom.
  18. Central and Allied Powers
    Central: Turkey, Austria-Hungry, & Germany

    Allied: France, Russia, US, Itlay, & Britian
  19. US Feeling Toward Germany
    American secertly disliked Germans.
  20. Help to Belgium/Allies
    Supplies such as oil, $$$$$, & ammunation.
  21. NJ Munitions Plant
    Bombed; Many believe the Germans did it.
  22. Lusitania
    128 Americans died sunk by a German U-boat.
  23. Zimmerman Note
    Sent by the German ambassador telling Mexico if they attacked America they would get New Mexico and Texas back.
  24. Sussex Pledge
    Germany promised to warn before shooting up crap if the US promised to try and to stop the British blockade.
  25. Kaiser Wilhem
    Leader of Gemany at this time.
  26. Scheifflen Plan
    Five part plan to get France before Russia joined the war.
  27. Unrestricted Warfare
    Germany declared unrestricted warfar breaking the Sussex Pledge.
  28. Russian Revolution 1917
    Took Russia out of WWI
  29. New Technology
    Tanks, Gas, Airplanes,
  30. Western Front
    Located in France were most of WWI was fought. Also refered to as no mans land & magano line.
  31. Trench Warfare
    Most of WWI is fought this way.
  32. April 6, 1917
    America officaly joined WWI.
  33. Fourteen Points
    Wilsons plan: no secert treaties or alliances, leauge of nations, freedom of the seas, self determeneation
  34. Committee of Public Information
    Headed by George Creel and got America to like the war through propaganda such as songs, movies, and pamphlets.
  35. Schnek v US
    Stated the Espionage Act of 1917 was constitutional.
  36. Espionage Actof 1917
    Can't talk bad the US gov't. Haywood and Debs imprisioned.
  37. Food Administration
    Meatless Tues., Wheatless Wed., Victory gardens, etc.
  38. Liberty Loans
    Bonds sold to fund the war.
  39. Conscription
  40. Council of National Defense & National War Labor Board
    Controlled industry in war.
  41. National Woman's Party
    Anti War; womens right to vote, 19th amendment, 1920
  42. National American Women's Suffrage Association
    Pro War; womens right to vote, 19th amendment, 1920
  43. Sheppard-Tower Maternity Act of 1921
    Funded prenatal and infant care education
  44. Belgium, France, Archangle
  45. Marshal Foch
    Leader of allied powers in France
  46. Chateau-Thierry
    Stopped German advances in France
  47. 2nd Battle of the Marne
    Us involved with German withdrawl
  48. Meuse Argonne Offensive
    Germans surrendered
  49. US Patricipated in WWI by  giving
    Supplies, munitions, and Loans
  50. 14pts
    During the treaty of versailles negoagtions the 14pts was dropped.
  51. November 11, 1918 at 11am
    End of WWI
  52. Death Toll WWI
    10 million
  53. Treaty of Versailles
    Ended WWI, rejected by the US.
  54. Henery Cabot Lodge
    Against the Treaty of Versailles; senator
  55. 1920 Election
    Harding v Wilson

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