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  1. Near vision chart
  2. Central Vision chart
  3. myopic vision
  4. hyperoptic vision
    far sighted
  5. On the opthalmascope, use red light for
    myopic vision
  6. on the opthalmascope, use black light for
    hyperopic vision
  7. Ptosis
    droopy eye

    affects third cranial nerve
  8. Pterygium
    an abnormal growth of conjunctiva that extends over the cornea from the limbus. usually on the nasal side. looks red
  9. hard eye ball on palpation suggests
  10. What is the bulbar conjunctiva
    the part of the conjunctiva that covers the outer surface of the eye. It protects the anterior surface of the eye with the exception of the cornea and the surface of the eyelid in contact with the globe
  11. palpebral conjunctiva
    the part of the conjuctiva that coats the inside of the eye
  12. how many muscles control the eye
  13. Nystagmus
    eye twitching
  14. corneal arcus
    white ring in cornea, present in some older adults
  15. measure peripheral vision by sitting or standing opposite the patient at eye level at a distance of about
    1 m
  16. Rosenbaum test conducted at ____ inches
  17. Smelen chart conducted at ____ ft
  18. Perform the cover uncover test if the
    corneal light reflex is abnormal
  19. Pupillary constriction usually less than 2 mm in diameter
  20. pupillary dilation usually more than 6 mm in diameter
  21. Chronic illness that can affect vision
    • hypertension/ ASCVD
    • diabetes mellitus
    • glaucoma
    • Inflammatory bowel disease
    • thyroid dysfunction
    • autoimmune diseases
    • HIV
  22. Retinoblastoma
    retinal cancer
  23. eye is controlled by cranial nerves
    3 (oculomotor), 4(trochlear), 6 (abducens)
  24. Eye deviation toward midline
  25. Eye deviation away from midline
  26. optic disk is how big and what color
    creamy yellow to pink. 1.5 mm
  27. Strabismus
    wondering eye
  28. Hypotropia
    one eye turns down
  29. Hypertropia
    one eye turns up
  30. If vision less than 20/20 on snellen test, conduct pinhole test which should result in
    an improvement in visual acuity by at least one line on the chart if refractive error is responsible for the diminished acuity
  31. Peripheral vision test is called
    confrontation test
  32. Cornea is usually _____
  33. Blinking controlled by cranial nerve
    7 and 5
  34. leading cause of visual impairment and blindness in patients older than 65 years
    age-related macular degeneration
  35. What can reduce risk of age-related macular degeneration
    high-dose antioxidents plus zinc
  36. 6 cardinal fields of gaze
    • up down
    • top left corner 
    • bottom left corner
    • middle 
    • top right corner
    • bottom right corner
    • middle 
    • left
    • right 
    • middle 
    • in
  37. 6 cardinal fields of gaze tests
    extraocular muscles
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