Module c unit3

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  1. occurs when local anesthesia is close to a main nerve trunk
    nerve block
  2. refer to the injection of anesthetic near a large terminal nerve branch
    field block
  3. provides anesthesia in the posterior portion of the hard palate
    anterior palatine nerve block
  4. produce anesthesia in the anterior hard palate
    nasopalatine nerve block
  5. obtained by injecting the anesthetic solution near but not into the branches of the inferior alveolar nerve close to the mandibular foramen..often referred to as the mandibular nerve block
    inferior alveolar nerve block
  6. provides anesthesia to the buccal soft tissue closest to the mandibular molars
    buccal nerve block
  7. is given only when the mandibular anterior teeth or premolar require anesthesia
    incisive nerve block
  8. completed by injection into small isolated area
    local infiltration
  9. a sharp hook that locks into a rubber stopper of anesthetic cartridge
  10. take effect quickly
    rapid onset
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