CEH 51-75.txt

  1. What is the last step a hacker performs after compromising a system
    Covering their tracks
  2. Which hacking tool is called the "Swiss army knife"
  3. What type of sniffing uses a hub
  4. Which tool would you use to sniff through a switch
  5. What are the two ways to sniff through a switch
    MAC flooding and ARP spoofing
  6. What popular free tool is used for sniffing
  7. Which federal statutes does the FBI investigate for computer hacking incidents
    18 U.S.C. 1030
  8. What type of hack sends ping packets to a broadcast address
    spoofing the source IP address of the victim
  9. What type of hack sends UDP packets to a broadcast address
    spoofing the source IP address of the victim
  10. How is a distributed denial of service attack launched
    Using zombies
  11. If you send a SYN packet to an open port
    what response will you receive
  12. Why is social engineering attractive to hackers
    It is easy to perform and does not require much technical skill.
  13. Which type of hacker is the highest risk to an organization
    Disgruntled employees
  14. What are the most common vehicles for social engineering
    Via the phone and in person
  15. What is needed for session hijacking attempts
    Prediction of sequence numbers
  16. How can you prevent session hijacking
    By using encryption
  17. What is the sequence of packets in three-way handshake
  18. What is passive footprinting
    Passive footprinting involves gathering information without probing the target directly.
  19. Which Linux tool is used for session hijacking
  20. What is the default user account used for IIS Server
  21. Which technique would you use for passive fingerprinting a web server
  22. Which virus exploits RPC buffer overflow
  23. What are the three phases of security testing
  24. What is Wget
    A character-based web browsing utility
  25. What character do you type on a web page to test for a SQL injection vulnerability
    Single quote (')
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