marine pollution

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  1. marine pollution meaning
    introduction of man, directly or indirectly of substances or energy into marine environment which result, or is likely result, in such deterious effects as harm to living and marine life
  2. in _______ hosted by_________ forbidden to discharge cargo oil into the sea
    1954      uk
  3. special areas
    • 1. Mediterranean sea
    • 2. Baltic sea
    • 3. black sea
    • 4.  red sea
    • 5. Gulf area
    • 6. Gulf of aden
    • 7. Antarctic of areas
    • 8. North sea area
    • 9. Irish sea
    • 10. celtic sea
    • 11. English channel and part of north east of atlantic to west of ireland
  4. flag and lights of bunkering
    • red all round light
    • bravo flag
  5. oily water separator stop when exceed
    15 parts per million
  6. category A may discharge into sea provided that
    • 1. Ship is at least 7kts.
    • 2. discharge is below waterline.
    • 3. ship is not less than 12 miles from the shore.
    • 4. water is not less than 25 meters deep.
    • 5. oily water separator stops when exceeded.
  7. SOPEP
    • shipboard oil pollution emergency plan
    • -a plan designed to have coordinate actions necessary to stop or minimize any unexpected discharge of oil
  8. annexes of marpol
    • regulation for the prevention of pollution by
    • annex 1. oil
    • annex 2. noxious liquid substance
    • annex 3. harmful substance in packaged forms
    • annex 4. sewage
    • annex 5. garbage
  9. cargo record book
    loading, discharging, tank washing and balloting are recorded in these book
  10. oil meaning
    any mineral oil includes petrochemical products.
  11. food or other garbage when grind when the vessel is within
    • more than 3 miles from island
    • 25mm circumference
  12. ship shall install an equipment like
    • 1. oil discharge monitoring and control system.
    • 2. oily water separator.
    • 3. oil filtering system
  13. the most dangerous chemical are named
    category  A
  14. pack materials can be dispose at
    vessel is more than 25 miles from land
  15. food waste and all other garbage cannot be dumped within
    12 miles of land
    Loading, dischargin, tank washing and balloting are recorded in this book.
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