Chapter 29-30 Test

  1. Election of 1912
    • Republican: Taft
    • Bull Moose: Teddy Roosevelt
    • Democratic: Wilson
    • Wilson won
  2. Bull Moose Party
    most successful 3rd party
  3. Characteristics of Wilson
    • not friendly
    • not able to compromise
    • idealist
  4. Triple Wall of Privilege
    • wanted to break tariffs, banks, trusts
    • Wilson
  5. Underwood Tariff Bill
    reduced tariff to 27%
  6. Payne Aldrich Bill
    Former tariff before the Underwood tariff thatlowered some tariffs but increased others
  7. Aldrich-Vreeland Act
    • During Panic of 1907
    • passed so banks could issue emergency currency
  8. Aldrich Investigation
    recommended band with many branches
  9. Louis D. Brandeis
    • wrote "Other People's Money and How the Bankers use it"
    • showed wealthy were consolidating funds and establishing a monopoly
    • testifies for Pujo
  10. Federal Reserve Act
    • creates modern banking system
    • establishes a federal reserve system
    • restricted private control of money and banks, regional reserve districts, central bank
  11. Federal Trade Commission
    crush monopolies by eliminating false advertising, unfair trade practices, unlawful competition, bribery, and can investigate
  12. Clayton Anti-trust Act 1914
    • attacks price discrimination and interlocking directorates (same individuals were on the boards of competing firms)
    • labor and agriculture both exempted from anti trust action
    • allowed strikes and peaceful picketing
  13. Federal Farm Loan Act 1916
    credit to farmers at law percent rates
  14. Lafollette Seaman’s Act 1915
    required decent treatment, a living wage
  15. Workingman’s Compensation Act 1916
    assistance given to disabled federal employees
  16. Adamson Act
    eight hour workday for railroad workers and over time pay
  17. Wilson and African Americans
    did nothing for them because of his southern roots
  18. Wilson’s Foreign Policy
    • he hated imperialism and dollar diplomacy
    • no longer used the bug sister policy
    • no more tariff on American part of panama
    • Philippines gains territory status
    • bought the US virgin islands from Denmark
  19. Virgin Islands
    bought the US virgin islands from Denmark for $25 million
  20. Revolution in Mexico
    • US invested $1 billion
    • sent arms to Carranza and Poncho Villa
  21. General Pershing
    • turned on America
    • sent to Mexico to Pacho
  22. Causes of WW1
    • militarism
    • alliances
    • imperialism
    • nationalism
  23. Archduke Franz Ferdinand
    assassination in Sarajevo
  24. Central and Allied Powers
    • Central: Turkey, Austria-Hungary, Germany
    • Allies: France, Russia, US, Italy, Britain
  25. US Secret Feelings toward Germany
    • dislike for German attack on neutral Germany
    • they thought they were materialistic
  26. Help to Belgium/Allies
    US sold weapons to the Allies- commitment
  27. New Jersey Munitions Plant
    • German sabotage: agent left briefcase with info about munitions plants on NY subway
    • 1916- munitions plain in NJ explodes
  28. Lusitania
    on May 7, 1915 the Lusitania is sunk by a U-boat, killing128 Americans
  29. Sussex Pledge
    Germany offers the Sussex pledge- will not sink passenger and merchant vessels without giving warning if the US try to break the British blockade
  30. Election in 1916
    • Democratic: Wilson
    • republican: Charles Elan Hyches Wilson with the promise "He kept US out of war" but some people criticize him for being to easy on the kalzer
  31. German Leader
    Kalzer Wilhen II
  32. German Strategy
    • Schiefren plan:
    • conquer France before Russia can mobilize
    • go through neutral Belgium
  33. Balkan Crisis
    • Sarajevo, Bonia- Province of Austria Hungary
    • slave nationalist wanted to annex nearby Serbia
  34. Franz Ferdinand
    assassination caused the spark of WWI by slave nationalist (The Black Hand)
  35. Zimmerman note
    the German ambassador sends a note to the Mexican ambassador promising TX and NM if Mexico would attack the US and get the US
  36. Russian Revolution
    • takes Russia out of the war 
    • Vladimir Lenin took over the government and makes it communist
  37. Brutality of the War
    trench warfare throughout the western front of France
  38. New Technology
    • machine guns
    • chlorine and mustard gas
    • tanks
    • airplanes
  39. Trench Warfare/Western Front
    • reserve trench: easy lite support trench, provides support and supplies
    • cover trench: provide cover fire for firing trench
    • firing trench: 5x5 ft, wet feet, deepest trench
  40. Unrestricted Submarine Warfare
    German announces "unrestricted submarine warfare" January 31, 1917
  41. US Declaration of War
    April 6, 1917
  42. Fourteen Points
    • abolish secret treaties
    • freedom of the seas
    • reduction of amendments
    • adjustment of colonial claims
    • self determination
    • league of nations
  43. Committee on Public Information
    • George Creel: propaganda to aid war effort
    • "four minute men"
    • bill boards, leaflets, songs, movies
  44. German Americans
    • 8% of population
    • loyal but hatred of German music, literature
  45. Espionage Act of 1917
    Eugene v Debs and Haywood imprisoned
  46. Schneck v US
    not violation of free speech if it posed a "danger"
  47. Council of National Defense
    1915- economic mobilization created a war industry board
  48. National War Labor Board
    • "work or fight" and "labor will win the war" William H. Taft
    • 8 hour day- no guarantee for unions
  49. National American Women’s Suffrage Association
    • supported the war
    • 19th amendment passed in 1920
  50. National Women’s Party
    anti war progressive
  51. Food Administration
    • meatless Wednesday
    • victory gardens
  52. Liberty Loans
    $21 billion
  53. Conscription
    • (daft) necessity
    • all men 18-51 must register
    • army grew to 4 million
    • segregating units
  54. US deployment countries
    • France
    • Belgium
    • Italy
    • Russia
  55. Archangel
    we capture military supplies from communist at archangel and Siberia
  56. Marshal Foch
    supreme commander of allied forces in France
  57. Chateau-Thierry
    30,000 fresh US troops to stop German advance
  58. Second Battle of the Marne
    • July 1918
    • 243,000 US join French forces to push German forces out of St. Mibeil
    • begins German withdrawal
  59. Meuse Argonne Offensive
    • 1918 German surrendered
    • hero- Alvin C. York
  60. 14 Points Dropped
    Germany hoped for Wilson's fair, idealistic plans
  61. End of war date
    • November 11, 1918
    • 11:00 AM
  62. US Contributions
    • food
    • credit
    • loans
    • guns
    • bullets
  63. Human Costs
    10 million people worldwide
  64. Paris Peace Conference
    • January 1919: Italy, Britain, France, US
    • Wilson had to compromise his 14 point plan
    • only kept League of Nations
  65. Henry Cabot Lodge
    • major deponent against the Treaty of Versea and League of Nations
    • to weak
    • created separate super state 
    • US morally responsible to help its allies
  66. Treaty of Doom Name and Reasons
    • Treaty of Verseas
    • unfair treaty- violates 14 points
  67. 1920 Election
    • Bull Moose now back
    • Republican Warren G. Harding "promises a return to harmony" Democrat Wilson
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