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  1. CAD
    Coronary artery disease
  2. COPD
    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  3. CHF
    Congestive heart failure
  4. NIDDM
    Non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
  5. IDDM
    Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
  6. DM
    Diabetes mellitus
  7. CVA
    Cerebrovascular accident
  8. ADA
    American diabetes association
  9. AHA
    American heart association
  10. c/o
    Complains of
  11. r/t
    Related to
  12. r/o
    Rule out
  13. Rx
  14. Tx
    Therapy, treatment
  15. Fx
  16. p.o.
    Per oral *or* phone order
  17. NPO
    Nothing per oral
  18. CBR
    Complete bed rest
  19. BRP
    Bathroom privileges
  20. s with a line over it
  21. p with a line over it
  22. c with a line over it
  23. @
  24. a with a line over it
  25. MI
    Myocardial Infarct
  26. TIA
    Transient ischemic attack
  27. CRF
    Congestive renal failure
  28. ESRF
    End stage renal failure
  29. FUO
    Fever of unknown origin
  30. UTI
    Urinary tract infection
  31. URI
    Upper respiratory infection
  32. q
  33. qd
    Every day
  34. qod
    Every other day
  35. bid
    Twice per day
  36. tid
    Three times per day
  37. qid
    Four times per day
  38. MVA
    Motor Vehicle accident
  39. h/a
  40. BEA
    Below elbow amputation
  41. AKA
    Above knee amputation
  42. LLL
    Lower left lobe
  43. RUL
    Right upper lobe
  44. SOB
    Shortness of breath
  45. NKA
    No known allergies
  46. gtt
  47. GTT
    Glucose tolerance test
  48. IBS
    Irritable bowel syndrome
  49. s/s
    Signs and symptoms
  50. N&V
    Nausea and vomiting
  51. ADL
    Activity of daily living
  52. ASHD
    Arteriosclerotic heart disease
  53. RBC
    Red blood cells
  54. WBC
    White blood cells
  55. CBC
    Complete blood count
  56. C&S
    Culture and sensitivity
  57. UA
  58. IVPB
    Intravenous piggy back
  59. NH
    Nursing home
  60. ECF
    Extended care facility
  61. L&D
    Labor & delivery
  62. D&C
    Dilation and curettage
  63. Hx
  64. h/o
    History of
  65. DT
    Delirium tremendous (alcohol withdrawal)
  66. OB
    Obstetrics *or* occult blood
  67. HOH
    Hard of hearing
  68. HOB
    Head of bed
  69. IV
  70. OOB
    Out if bed
  71. prn
    As needed
  72. HL
  73. KVO
    Keep veins open
  74. KO
    Keep open
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