Tense Present

  1. to deploy - deployment
    to use sth effectively (развертывание, раскрытие понятия)
  2. mangled
    EX: It took emergency staff several hours to cut him from his mangled car.
    ruined, crushed
  3. to deem
    EX: I do not deem him worthy of this honour
    (form) to consider
  4. eg'regious
    - They believe they will be able to change the most egregious elements with the next leader.

    - an egregious lie
    (form) extremely bad
  5. a bid
    1. the president's bid to boost his popularity
    • 1. an effort to do sth or obtain sth
    • 2. an offer at auction
  6. to scope
    EX: Before the surgery they had to scope his injured knee.
    (inf) to examine sth thoroughly (from Greek 'skopein' look at)
  7. to pur'port
    EX: I have never known a time when the gulf between politicians and those they purport to represent has been so gaping.
    (form) to claimto be sth or have done sth, when that may be not true (претендовать, заявлять)
  8. egalitarian
    EX:An egalitarian , democratic vision is the right utopia to be aiming for.
    based on the belief that everybody is equal and should have the same rights and opportunities (уравнивающий)
  9. to loathe
    to dislike very much, detest
  10. stilted
    EX: I find it pretentious, stilted , boring...
    (disappr) (of a way of speaking r writing) not natural or relaxed; too formal (натянутый, помпезный)
  11. to be fraught with
    EX: But cloning human embryos is fraught with ethical problems
    be filled with sth unpleasant (чреватый)
  12. to preempt
    EX: With my knowledge and friends it was easy to pre-empt his every manoeuvre.
    to prevent sth from happening by taking action to stop it
  13. an 'onslaught
    EX: the massive onslaught of enemy troops caught the country by surprise
    a violent attack
  14. sly (disappr)
    cunning, хитрый
  15. salt is salty
  16. combover
    Лукашенко hairstyle
  17. ver'nacular
    native language (often not the one that is official)
  18. to put a wager (old-fash; form)
    пари, ставка
  19. creed
    EX: SCOTS have always welcomed immigrants from all over the world regardless of colour or creed.
    • any statement or system of beliefs or principles
    • кредо, убеждения
  20. sneers
    to sneer at
    unkind expression on your face showing you do not respect or approve of sb/sth
  21. winces
    to wince
    EX: It makes me wince even thinking about eye operations.
    to show pain suddenly & for a short time in the face,often moving the head back at the same time (содрогание)
  22. to go viral
    распространяться, как вирус
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