govt2306 exam 1

  1. Which of the following best reflects the politics of the Jim Crow Era?
    The development of the White Primary
  2. The first Anglo-American colony in Texas during the period of Mexican rule was
    established by
    Stephen F. Austin.
  3. The “Grangers” who were so influential in Texas politics during the 1870s were
    members of a national
    • farmers’
    • organization.
  4. According to Daniel Elazar, the Texas political culture can be best described as
    combination of traditionalist and individualist
  5. The Texas army that won the decisive Battle of San Jacinto was led by
    Sam Houston.
  6. A shared system of values, beliefs, and habits of behavior in regard to
    government and politics refers to
    political culture.
  7. The transformation of the Texas economy in the twentieth century began with
  8. the oil industry boom prompted by
    the discovery of the Spindletop field.
  9. The flags of all of the following except ____ have flown over Texas at some time
    in its history.
    Great Britain
  10. During the early 1920s, which organization controlled every elective office in
    Dallas and showed considerable political power statewide?
    The Ku Klux Klan
  11. The dramatic drop in the world price of oil in 1985 led to ____ in Texas
    all of the above
  12. Constitutions serve to
  13. all of the above.
  14. Which of the following were most influential in initiating and shaping the
    outcome of the Texas Constitutional Convention of 1875?
    Members of the Grange
  15. Those who advocate reform of the Texas Constitution generally focus on which of
    the following issues?
    All of the above
  16. The judicial article of the Texas Constitution creates
    • 1. establishes 6 different courts
    • 2. establishes the level of trail courts
    • 3. qualifications for Texas judges and elections
  17. The twenty counties that voted against ratification of the constitution in 1876
    urban areas that were heavily republican
  18. The plural executive of Texas has resulted in an executive branch that is
  19. The Texas Constitution specifies that ____ is/are to be elected
  20. Article I of the Texas Constitution contains
    the Texas Bill of Rights.
  21. When the acts of the government are accepted by the citizens as moral, fair, and
    just, the government is said to have
  22. The Texas Constitution and the U.S. Constitution are alike in that
    both divide governmental functions among three branches
  23. what are important parts of the Civil Rights Act?
    enforced right to veto, extended federal protection against discrimination in public accommodations, and outlawed job discrimination.
  24. The Federalist Papers
  25. were propaganda put forth by
    those in support of the ratification of the Constitution
  26. Which of the following is NOT true regarding the Commerce Clause?
    • Traditionally, the United States Supreme Court has ruled against Congress’ use
    • of the clause to pass laws dealing with indirect issues related to interstate
    • commerce.
  27. what is federal preemption?
    action that overrides state laws
  28. Which of the following was NOT one of the high points of federal governmental
    power in the twentieth century?
  29. Which of the following clauses stipulates that the states must mutually accept
    one another’s public acts, records, and judicial proceedings?
    The Full Faith and Credit Clause
  30. By 1945, the size of the federal bureaucracy had
    increased dramatically.
  31. In its 2005 decision, Granholm v. Heald dealing with state regulation of
    alcohol, which nondiscrimination constitutional principle found in the U.S.
    Constitution did the United States Supreme Court draw upon?
    Commerce Clause
  32. Which system of governance features all governmental power being vested in the
    national government?
  33. Which branch of the federal government is also known as the “umpire of
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