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  1. Fundmental Purpose of Kappa Alpha Psi
    Achievement.  Achievement in every field of human endeavor.
  2. Which founder received his MD degree from Indiana University?
    Ezra Dee Alexander
  3. Which founder was total burned from explosion at his business?
    Paul Waymond Caine
  4. Which founder is know as the The Dreamer?
    John Milton Lee
  5. Which founder pursued career in journalism?
    Edward Giles Irvin
  6. Which leader was awarded the 1st Laurel Wreath Award?
    Elder Watson Diggs
  7. How many chapters are total
  8. What was the original name of Kappa Alpha Psi?
    Kappa Alpha Nu
  9. Official song of the fraternity
    Oh Noble Kappa Alpha Psi
  10. When was Kappa Alpha Psi incorporated?
    • April 15, 1911 (tax day) accepted date
    • April 11, 1911 (filed)
    • May 15, 1911 (transaction completed)
  11. Which founder left college to return home and become a coal miner?
    George Wesley Edmonds
  12. Name 2 founders that practice denistry?
    • Dr. Marcus Peter Blakemore
    • Dr.Guy Levis Grant
  13. Kappa Alpha Psi is classified as what type of fraternity?
    Social Fraternity
  14. What is the charter date of the local chapter?
    August 30, 1980
  15. The founders of the local chapter are?
    Aug 30 1980
  16. How many individuals are list as the founders of the Kappa fraternity?
  17. Name the founders of the fraternity?
    • THe Most Honorable Elder Watson Digs Sir
    • Dr. Byron Kenneth Armstrong
    • Dr. Ezra Dee Alexander
    • Henry Turner Asher
    • Dr. Marcus Peter Blakemore
    • Paul Waymond Caine
    • George Wesley Edmond
    • Dr. Guy Levis Grant
    • Edward Giles Irvin
    • John Milton Lee
  18. List objectives of the fraternity?
    • To unite men of culture, patriotism, and honor in a bond of fraternity
    • To encourage honorable achievement in every field on endeavor
    • To promote the spiratural, social, intellectual and moral welfare of its members
    • To asisst the aims and purpose of colleges and universities
    • To inspire service in the public interest
  19. What is the date of  the founding of the fraternity?
    Jan 5, 1911
  20. Where was the frat founded?
    Indiana University
  21. Write words of Alpha Hym?
  22. List offices of Grand Chapter?
    • Grand Polemarch
    • Senior Grand Vice Polemarch
    • Junior Grand Vice Polemarch
    • Grand Keeper of Records and Exchequer
    • Grand Historian
    • Grand Strategus
    • Grand LT Strategus
    • Grand Chapter Nominating Committee Chairman
  23. What makes up the Grand Chapter?
    • 10 Founders
    • The Province Polemarchs
    • Past Grand Polemarchs
    • Elected National Officers
    • Delegates of Provinces
    • Delegates of Undergraduate and Alumni Chapters
  24. List Offices of the Grand Chapter and who is currently in office
  25. List offices of the Grand Chapter and persons filing them
  26. List Offices of Local Chapter
  27. List 12 Provinces
  28. Which province is local chapter located
    Southern Province
  29. Current Executive Director
    Earnest Brown
  30. Director of Finance
    Curtis D. Anderson
  31. What city is headquartes located
  32. What is the address of headquarters?
    • 2320 North Broad Street
    • Philadelphia, PA
  33. Write words of Kappa Sweatheart song
  34. Write Kappa Hymn
  35. How do you become a Province Polemarch?
    The Grand Poleparch appoints a Province Polemarch
  36. How are undergraduate chapter designated
    Greek letter consectivily
  37. How are graduates chapters designated
  38. How do you become executive director of the fraternity?
    The grand board of directors hires the executive director.
  39. What are the executive directors suites
    Chief Opperating officer of the frat. full time employee and paid at salary
  40. Draw the coat of arms
  41. Describe the coat of arms
  42. Write Greek alphabets
  43. What year did Guide Right Program start
    • 1922
    • St Louis
  44. WHen was Kappa League Founded
    Feb 12, 1969
  45. Who were the founders of Kappa League
    • Mel Davis
    • Edgar Bishop
  46. 5 Phases of Kappa League
    • Self Identity
    • Training
    • Competition
    • Social
    • Health Education
  47. Where was Kappa League founded
    Los Angles Alumni Chapter 1969
  48. What is the purpose of the Guide Right
    It is a program for the educational and occupational guidance of youth, primarily inspirational and informational in character. Its reach extends to high schools and colleges alike
  49. In what year was the 1st leadership conference held?
  50. Where was the 1st leadership conference held?
  51. Who was the Leadership Conference named after
    C Rodger Wilson
  52. What is the name of the official magazine?
    The Journal
  53. What the official colors of the fraternity
    Crimson and Creme
  54. What is the official flower
    • Red Carnation (current)
    • Trailing Arbutas (1st)
  55. Name the various National Awards
    • Laurel Wreath Award
    • Elder Diggs Award
    • Guy Levis Grant Award
    • The Humanitarian Award
    • The Distinguished Citizen Award
  56. What is the name the document of KAY which is highly secretive and contains the forms and cermonies of the fraternity?
    Ritual of Kappa Alpha Psi
  57. What is the name of the document of KAY which is the official chronicle of the fraternity orgin, development and tradition?
    The Story of Kappa Alpha Psi
  58. What is the publication that outlines the what, why, and how and by what means of the fraternities national service program for use at the chapter level?
    The ABC's of Guide Right
  59. What is the name of the document which notifies the chapter of there obligations and any changes in procedures?
    The Executive Bulletin
  60. What is the name of the document which is esoteric containg as it does information that is not published in the Kappa Alpha Psi Journal?
    The Confidention Bulletin
  61. WHat is the name of the Pin worn by wives, sweathearts and mothers?
    Sweetheart Pin
  62. Name the 2 documents which are essential to the informed participation in the governing of the fraternity?
    • Constitution of Kappa Alpha Psi
    • Statutes of Kappa Alpha Psi
  63. What is the name of the pin which is given in recognition to those members who have paid the required fee that absolves them from Grand Chapter dues for life?
    Life Membership Pin
  64. Who established the life membership program?
  65. List the order of business
    • 1. meeting called to order by polmarch
    • 2. roll
    • 3. minutes are read by Keeper of records
    • 4. report from exchequer for approval
    • 5. reports from committees
    • 6. reports special commiites
    • 7. unfinished buisness
    • 8. new business
    • 9. turn over meeting from polmarch to programm committees
    • 10. adjournment
  66. Grand Chapter officers are elected by delegates at
    grand chapter meetings
  67. Who wrote invictus
    William Earnest Henley
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