Spinal Cord and Tracts

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  1. CNS tissue enclosed within the vertebral column from the foramen magnum to ___ ?
  2. What is Conus medullaris ?
    terminal portion of the spinal cord
  3. What is the Filum terminale ?
    fibrous extension of the piamater; anchors the spinal cord to the coccyx
  4. What are Denticulate ligaments ?
    Delicate shelves of piamater; attach the spinal cord to the vertebrae
  5. What is the epidural space ?
    space between the vertebrae and the dural sheath (dura mater) filled with fat and a network of veins
  6. Label the Diagram ?
    Image Upload 1
    Image Upload 2
  7. What are the Cervical and lumbar enlargements ?  

    What are the Cauda equina ?
    -sites where nerves serving the upper and lower limbs emerge

    -collection of nerve roots at the inferior end of the vertebral canal
  8. Label the Diagram ?
    Image Upload 3
    Image Upload 4
  9. What is the Anterior median fissure ? 

    What is the Posterior median sulcus ?
    -separates anterior funiculi

    -divides posterior funiculi
  10. What does the Gray matter consists of ? 

    What is the Gray commissure ?
    -soma, unmyelinated processes, and neuroglia

    – connects masses of gray matter; encloses central canal
  11. What type of fibers do the Lateral horns have ?
    sympathetic nerve fibers
  12. Label the diagram ?
    Image Upload 5
    Image Upload 6
  13. Label the diagram ?
    Image Upload 7
    Image Upload 8
  14. What is somatotopy ?
    (precise spatial relationships)
  15. Where do the the nonspecific and specific ascending pathways send impulses to ?

    What are these pathways are responsible for ?

    Where do the the spinocerebellar tracts send impulses to ?
    -Sensory Cortex

    -Discriminative touch and conscious proprioception

    -Cerebellum and do not contribute to sensory perception
  16. What type of impulses do descending tracts deliver ____ (efferent or afferent )  impulses from the brain to the spinal cord, and are divided into two groups . What are they ?

    -Direct pathways equivalent to the pyramidal tracts

    -Indirect pathways, essentially all others Motor pathways involve two neurons (upper and lower)
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