Series 66 - R's

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  1. This is found by subtracting the inflation rate from the current interest rate. Indicates if investors in interest bearing securities will receive interest which will equal or exceed the decline in the dollar caused by inflation.
    Real Interest Rate
  2. Defined as a mild six-month decline in stock prices, business activity, and unemployment.
  3. A date fixed some time in advance by a corporation which is going to pay a dividend. The corporation pays the dividend to persons whose names are on the books of the company on that date.
    Record Date
  4. A preliminary prospectus. Given to prospective investors during the 20-day waiting period between the filing date of the registration statement and the effective date. Does not contain information such as the public offering price or underwriter's spread.
    Red Herring
  5. Charged by some funds when investors redeem their shares. These fees are deducted from the bid price.
    Redemption Fee
  6. The price received by the investor is the net asset value per share or bid price next computed after the fund or its agent receives the properly completed redemption request.
    Redemption Price
  7. A ____  ____ is an associated person (employee) of a broker/dealer who handles customer securities transactions. ____ ____ must pass a comprehensive securities examination (Series 7) in order to receive commissions on the sale of stocks, bonds and options. They cannot open accounts with other broker/dealers without written notices to their employing broker/dealer.
    Registered Representative
  8. A stock certificate registered in the investor's name. Selling it requires proper endorsement. When properly signed, the ___  ____ is negotiable.
    Registered Stock Certificate
  9. Any security may be registered with the SEC by filing a registration statement. This statement must be signed by the principal executive officer, the principal financial officer, and a majority of the board of directors. It must include all pertinent information concerning the new issue.
    Registration Statement
  10. The rate (percentage) of tax declines as income increases.
    Regressive Tax
  11. An issue of securities offered to the public when the total amount of the offering is $5,000,000 or less. The Securities Act of 1933 exempts such an issue from registration requirements.
    Regulation A Offering
  12. This regulation contains SEC Rule 506 which provides an exemption from the full registration requirements for offers and sales with certain specified restrictions.
    Regulation D Offering/Private Placement
  13. A Federal Reserve System regulation which applies to credit extension on registered securities by other than brokers, dealers and banks. This Regulation includes finance companies and individuals.
    Regulation G
  14. A Federal Reserve System regulation which regulates the interest that can be paid on savings accounts and Certificates of Deposit.
    Regulation Q
  15. A regulation of the Federal Reserve System which is concerned with the extension and maintenance of credit on securities. Includes requirement with regard to special cash accounts and margin accounts.
    Regulation T
  16. Federal Reserve Regulation which covers the amount of credit a bank can extend to a customer to purchase or carry margin securities.
    Regulation U
  17. The requirement established by the Fed which controls the reserve requirements of deposits in banks.
    Reserve Requirement
  18. Permit reduced sales charges on future purchases of investment company shares, after the investor has reached a new "breakpoint".
    Rights of Accumulation
  19. When money is transferred from a qualified plan (Keogh, pension, profit-sharing) into an IRA. It is tax free if it is placed into an IRA ____ Account within 60 days of the distribution.
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