Gifford Vocabulary

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  1. Retrospection
    thinking about past events
  2. circumspection
    thinking about all the possibilities before making a decision
  3. to nurture
    to help the development of something
  4. epigenetic
    a mixture of nature and nurture
  5. cerebral
    having to do with the brain
  6. neural
    having to do with the brain
  7. neuron
    a brain cell
  8. cortex (adj. cortical)
    the outer layer of the brain
  9. neocortex
    the outer layers of the cortex, which are associated with human thought and intelligence
  10. plasticity
    the ability of the brain to adapt to what you're using it for
  11. to dissimulate
    to hide one's real thoughts or feelings
  12. eloquence
    language that is graceful and persuasive
  13. rhetoric
    the study of persuasive speaking and writing
  14. extemporaneous
    without advance preparation
  15. cyclical divination
    telling the future from information provided by a religious calendar
  16. contextual divination
    telling the future from information provided by omens
  17. pictograph
    a stylized drawing of a person place, thing, or event
  18. codex (pl. codices)
    an ancient text created by hand
  19. language
    a system of symbols; all words and behaviors that communicate meaning
  20. thinking
    intellectually organizing your experiences
  21. literacy
    the ability to read and write
  22. mnemonic device
    technique to aid the memory
  23. cognitive
    having to do with very abstract thinking
  24. affective
    having to do with emotions
  25. introspection
    examining one's own thoughts and feelings
  26. finalist strategy of interpretation
    interpreting signs in a way that confirms a truth known in advance
  27. word magic
    the sense that there is a natural necessary connection between words and things
  28. categorical thinking
    thinking that is connected to very abstract ideas
  29. autonomous discourse
    speech or writing that can not directly be questioned or challenged
  30. situational thinking
    thinking that is connected to concrete everyday circumstances
  31. interlocutor
    a person taking part in a conversation
  32. extemporaneous
    without preparation
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