study guide 114 final unit 2 chap 75-76

  1. how to tell the difference in Prostate cancer and BPH
    • Benign Enlargement is uniform, nontender, PSA not usually elevated or mildly elevated
    • Prostate Cancer: stony hard nodule palpated on prostate exam by clinician
  2. Benign enlargement medications
    • 1st class works by depriving the prostate of androgen
    • Proscar and Avodart
    • women of childbearing age should not touch

    • 2nd class - alpha blocking works by shrinking prostate
    • Flomax
    • may cause hypotension
  3. What STDs are have to be reported to CDC?
    • HIV/AIDS
    • Gonorrhea
    • Chlamydia
    • Syphilis
    • Chanchroid
  4. which STDs are viral and which bacterial
    • Chlamydial-bacterial
    • Gonorrhea-bacterial
    • Herpes-Viral
    • HIV-Viral
    • Condlomata (Warts)-viral
  5. STD's that are viral are.....
  6. Bacterial STDs are ...
    curable but can return over time
  7. what is the treatment for Syphilis?
    • stage 1 and 2 get 1 shot of PCN
    • stage 3 get 1 shot week x 3 weeks
    • stage 4 no longer treatable
  8. which stage of syphilis does the rash occur
    • stage 2-flulike symptoms and rash on palms and feet
    • do not tough without gloves
    • very contagious
  9. what happens in tertiary stage of syphilis
    • not curable
    • mimics any condition because it can affect any organ
  10. what are the main pathogen responsible for PID
    gonorrhea and chlanydia
  11. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea go together and are usually treated together too
  12. Phimosis ans paraphimosis
    • inability to move the foreskin either down or retract
    • treatment is circumcision
    • more complex surgery after adolescence and nocturnal erections threaten suture line
  13. Priapism
    undesirable greater than 4 hour erection
  14. testicular cancer
    • usually presents in young 15-35, usually unilateral
    • Orchiectomy of affected testicle (clip )
  15. prostate cancer is usually watch and wait because
    often a very slow growing disease
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