Matter and Energy

  1. What is matter?
    Matter is the material the universe is composed of.

    • Matter has mass
    • Matter takes up space
  2. Physical properties of matter
    Those in which can be observed without changing the composition.

    Color, size, luster, and density 
  3. Chemical Properties of matter
    Those in which indicate the composition of the sample, and change as a result of the observation of these properties. 

    Flammability and reactivity 
  4. Physical Changes in matter
    Changes that occur without changing the composition of the sample

    (Solid, liquid, and gas)
  5. Chemical Changes of matter
    Involve a change in the composition of the substance 

    Produce a new substance or create a chemical reaction
  6. What is a Element
    Substances that cannot be broken down into simpler substances by chemical reactions.
  7. What is a compound?
    • Are made of multiple elements combined to form a substance.
    • Can be broken down to into elements 
    • Not related to the elements that composed it
  8. What is a pure substance?
    • Can be elements or compounds 
    • Have the same physical and chemical properties 
    • Homogenous
  9. What is a mixed substance?
    • Variable composition 
    • Made of pure substances 
    • Homogenous or heterogenous
  10. Homogenous
    • Uniform in composition 
    • Appears to be only one thing (solution)
  11. Heterogenous
    Non-uniform misture that contain different properties
  12. Distillation
    Different boiling points 

    (Salt water boiling and separated from salt and into distilled water and salt)
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