Early Christian Customs

  1. Burial Customs
    • *preparation of the body was simple in nature & generally carried out by elderly women who had volunteered their assistance
    • *no embalming perfomred for preparation of the body
    • *no rule for mandatory use of coffins
    • *wood & stone receptacles were used
    • *"kiss of peace"
    • *"the wake"
  2. Customary Procedure:
    • *body first washed with holy water as a purification process
    • *mouth & eyes would be closed
    • *the deceased would be dressed in some form of burial garments
    • *either a cross would be placed on thechest of the deceaed or the arms would be crossed over the upper body
  3. There was no set rule concerning the color of the
    burial garment
  4. Kiss of Peace
    • *a major break in tradion between the Christians & the Hebrews
    • *looked upon it as a symbol of respect & rverence
    • *the responsibility of family & friends to perform, then it was passed on to the clergy
  5. The wake was practiced for two reasons:
    • *fear of premature burial
    • *psychological factor in the acceptance of the finality of death
  6. The funeral procession
  7. The order of procession:
  8. Places of Final Dispostion
  9. The committal service
  10. Underground passageways, hundreds of years old, built under the city of Rome
  11. Funeral Customs
    • *early Chrisitans brrowed from the Hebrews, Romans & Greeks in many of religious & death beliefs
    • *Burial Customs
    • *The Funeral Procession
    • *Place of Final Disposition
    • *The committal service
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