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  1. 1. A(n) is an identity by which you log into a PC in order to use it.
    A. Scheme
    B. Persona
    C. Theme
    D. User account
    D. User accounts differentiate one user from another on a PC, allowing each user to maintain separate preferences and files.
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  2. 2. In Windows and the Mac OS, the basic levels of users are standard and _______.
    A. Administrator
    B. Elevated
    C. Public
    D. Limited
    A. Standard and administrator are the two levels of user accounts. An administrator has the right to make system changes that affect other users; a standard user does not.
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  3. 3. The is the number of pixels that make up the display.
    A. Screen resolution
    B. Color depth
    C. DOS mode
    D. Refresh rate
    A. Screen resolution is the number of pixels, such as 1600 × 900. Color depth refers to the number of bits used to describe each pixel’s color. refresh rate is a setting mostly for CRT monitors that controls how often the display is repainted.
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  4. 4. When a free error fix is automatically downloaded and installed on your PC, that’s an example of a(n) .
    A. Update
    B. Version change
    C. Upgrade
    D. Edition change
    A. A free, automatically installed fix is a minor update. An upgrade would involve changing the version or edition of the OS.
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  5. 5. Which of these operating systems is open source?
    A. Mac OS
    B. Windows
    C. Linux
    D. MS-DOS
    C. Linux is an open-source operating system. The others listed are commercial products.
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  6. 6. What is the minimum amount of RAM required for 64-bit Windows 7?
    A. 2 GB
    B. 512 MB
    C. 1 GB
    D. 256 MB
    A. As listed in Table 6.3, the 64-bit version of Windows 7 requires 2 GB of RAM.
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  7. 7. Which of these is not a version of Mac OS X?
    A. Drake
    B. Lion
    C. Tiger
    D. Snow Leopard
    A. Mac OS X versions are all named for large cats.
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  8. 8. Which of these devices is most likely to require you to find a driver for it after upgrading from 32-bit to 64-bit Windows?
    A. Dial-up modem
    B. Mouse
    C. Keyboard
    D. Processor
    A. Add-on devices such as a dial-up modem are most likely to require a third-party driver after changing OS versions. Most built-in components like the processor do not, and basic keyboard and mouse functionality are built into Windows.

    9. Before upgrading the OS, make sure you are logged in as a(n) .
    A. Guest user
    B. Standard user
    C. Administrator
    D. Limited user

    C. Making changes that affect the entire system require that you be logged in as an administrator.

    10. During a(n) install, you may be asked whether you want to repartition and reformat your drive(s).
    A. Upgrade
    B. Clean
    C. Dirty
    D. Update

    B. A clean install is one in which a new copy of the OS is installed, abandoning all old copies. With this comes the option of repartitioning and reformatting.
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  9. 11. To prevent software piracy, each copy of Windows comes with a unique.
    A. Password
    B. Product key
    C. Registrar
    D. Activator
    B. The product key, usually printed on the jacket in which the setup disc comes, is the unique identifier for that copy of Windows.

    12. To assess whether your computer can run a new application, look for the on the software’s box.
    A. Product key
    B. System requirements
    C. Activation code
    D. Expiration date

    B. System requirements for each application are printed on its box or in its specifications when you buy or download it online.
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  10. 13. A system’s may prevent an application from accessing the Internet without your permission.
    A. Virus checker
    B. Firewall
    C. Display adapter
    D. Cable modem
    B. Firewall software monitors the incoming and outgoing network traffic, and it queries the user when it sees activity from a new application.
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  11. 14. If you are experiencing stuttering or frequent delays when viewing an online video, your system may not have sufficient Internet .
    A. Contention
    B. Video memory
    C. VoIP
    D. Bandwidth
    D. Bandwidth is the connection’s ability to send data swiftly and in large quantities. Interruptions in video playback online are usually a result of Internet delays caused by inadequate bandwidth.
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  12. 15. is software that is free, but users are not permitted to modify it.
    A. Site license
    B. Open source
    C. Shareware
    D. Freeware
    D. Freeware is free, but users are not authorized to modify it. In contrast, open source software not only is free, but also may be freely modified by anyone, with source code provided.
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  13. 16. is try-before-you-buy software; you can try it for a limited period of time before you are expected to pay.
    A. Open source
    B. Freeware
    C. Shareware
    D. Site license
    C. Shareware is free for a limited- time trial or with limited features. Users who want to continue to use it are expected to pay for it.
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  14. 17. Software that allows a certain number of simultaneous users of an application is_______.
    A. Multiuser
    B. Single user
    C. Concurrent license
    D. Site license
    C. A concurrent license specifies a maximum number of simultaneous users, rather than a maximum number of installs.
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  15. 18. A(n) enables an organization to supply an application to all its employees for a fixed fee.
    A. Concurrent license
    B. Multiuser
    C. Site license
    D. Single user
    C. A site license allows organizations to distribute software to all their employees for a single price.
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  16. 19. is a common antipiracy measure in which a copy of an application is locked to a particular PC by a generated code that represents its hardware configuration.
    A. Concurrency
    B. Registration
    C. Licensing
    D. Activation
    D. Activation, which is a separate process from either installation or registration, locks the copy of the software to the PC on which it is installed.
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  17. 20. When you remove an application via the Control Panel’s Programs section in Windows, it’s a(n) uninstall.
    A. Partial
    B. Dirty
    C. Clean
    D. Limited
    C. A clean install is one in which all the installed pieces of the application are removed, including files, Start menu shortcuts, folders, and Registry entries.
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