Cápitulo 9 Verbos

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  1. aburrirse
    to get bored
  2. construir
    to build
  3. contaminar
    to pollute
  4. crecer (zc)
    to grow
  5. criticar
    to criticize, to critique
  6. destinar
    to assign
  7. disponer de algo
    to have something
  8. faltar
    to lack
  9. funcionar
    to function, to work
  10. instalar
    to install
  11. instalarse
    to settle down
  12. llover (ue)
    to rain
  13. manejar
    to drive
  14. ocurrir
    to happen
  15. rebasar
    to exceed
  16. recibir
    to receive
  17. reciclar
    to recycle
  18. rodear
    to surround
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