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  1. sufficient energy and essential nutrients
  2. choose foods from all food groups
  3. calories in = calories out
  4. provide enough but not too much
  5. measure of nutrients a food provides relative to its calories
    nutrient density
  6. eat a wide selection within each food groups
  7. my plate includes?
    • fruits
    • grains
    • vegetables
    • protein
    • dairy
  8. myplate balancing calories?
    • enjoy your food but eat less
    • avoid oversized portions
  9. myplate foods to increase
    • make half plate fruits and veggies
    • make atleast half your grains whole grains
    • switch to fat-free of low fat milk
  10. my plate foods to reduce?
    • drink water instead of sugary drinks
    • reduce sodium
  11. limitations of myplate?
    • does not address the types of foods to choose within each group
    • shows how to build a health plate at mealtime, but not total diet (snacks)
    • access to info may be limited
  12. treated, changes properties of food
    processed foods
  13. often loses nutrients during processing
    refined foods
  14. nutrients added back in
    enriched food
  15. improved nutrition
    fortified foods
  16. contains fiber
  17. vitamins and minerals
  18. starch and some protein
  19. when processed (refined) the
    bran and germ are removed
  20. food labels are?
    required on all packaged foods
  21. comparison on how a food contributes to total diet
    daily values
  22. DRV for cholesterol?
    <300 mg
  23. 5-20% Rule?
    • 5% or less is low
    • 20% or more is high
  24. exceptions to food labeling?
    • fresh fruits and vegetables
    • fish
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