1. What is covered in the pre-flight briefing?
    • anticipated weather
    • anticipated flying conditions
    • flight time
    • altitudes
    • review of selected communications procedures
    • review of selected emergency procedures
    • review of selected safety procedures
    • review of selected security procedures
    • anyadditional
  2. What is covered in captain to lead briefing? (Prior to each flight)
    • Anticipated weather
    • anticipated flying conditions
    • flight time
    • altitudes
    • any add info
  3. What does the FA briefing information sheet contain?
    • Flight info and briefings on
    • emergency
    • safety
    • communication
    • security
  4. FA to CSA pre flight briefing includes?
    • Inbound/outbound specials
    • concerns that could prevent pre boarding
    • communication method for determining when CSA will send pre-boards
    • updated door closure target times
  5. If aircraft returns to gate should you disarm doors using normal door disarming procedures?
  6. For operations outside of canada when should the satellite tv system be turned off?
    Once the aircraft has turned off the active runway.
  7. During a station stop when can passengers remain on board?
    • The engines are shut down
    • at least one door exit remains open for deplaning of pass or if closed due to weather remains unlocked.
    • the required #of FA's are on board
    • a FA is within 6 rows of all door exits to arm slide if necessary, except when performing safety duties.
  8. What does the FA briefing sheet contain?
    • Safety related info
    • flight specific info
    • info on Mel's¬†
    • operating crew member names and #'s
    • scheduled dept and arrival times
    • alternate airport
    • previous/next flight info
    • FA tear away portion
  9. After grooming what must the inbound lead brief the outbound lead on?
    • Seat assign and #specials
    • deficiencies in on board equip
    • confirmation that pre-flight checks were performed.
    • any safety related matters pertinent to the flight
  10. list the chain of command
    • Captain
    • check pilot/training officer
    • first officer
    • any WJ deadheading pilot
    • lead
    • position 2
    • position 3
    • position 4
    • position 5
    • line evaluation
  11. What do *1,*2 and *3 do in satellite phone?
    • *1 medlink
    • *2 maintenance control
    • *3 OCC Ops duty manager
  12. When can lead or position 2 move from assigned exits?
    • can move to perform safety duties
    • closing overhead bins
    • directing passengers
    • briefing passengers etc
  13. During boarding what should you look out for in the emergency exit rows?
    • Carry on baggage is properly stowed
    • table trays remain upright and locked
    • over wing exit shades remain open
  14. When can the satellite tv system be reset?
    On the ground, in flight or once the aircraft has reached it's cruising altitude
  15. How do you perform a tv reset?
    • Inform captain
    • complete sat tv service interruption announcement
    • turn system off by pushing live tv sys reset button
    • wait 10secs
    • turn system on by pushing live tv sys reset button
    • set system to paid
  16. If sat tv system is still not working 15 mins after reset what should you do?
    Contact flight deck who will initiate flight deck reset procedure. Complete sat tv service  failure(sat failure) announcement only if flight deck reset procedure has been unsuccessful
  17. What is anti icing?
    A precautionary procedure that provides protection
  18. What is de-icing?
    Procedure where frost, ice, or snow is removed from critical surfaces
  19. list the critical surfaces
    • Wings
    • control surfaces
    • horizontal/vertical stabilizers
    • engine intakes and winglets
  20. What info should the lead put in the aircraft cabin logbook?
    • Detailed description/location of defect
    • flight number/aircraft tail number and date
    • leads signature and employee #
    • the aircraft cabin logbook must be presented to capt for his signature prior to leaving the aircraft for an aircraft change or on a terminating flight
  21. Min equip list
    • Incl
    • public address system/inter phone/recorded briefing system
    • all cabin emerg equip
    • FA jumpseat
    • emerg exits
    • cabin lighting
  22. what are the crew requirements during boarding, in flight, deplaning or fuelling with pass on board?
    • 600 (119) 3
    • 700 (136) 3
    • 800 (174) 4
  23. What are the FA requirements during station stops with through passengers and fuelling has been complete?
    • 600 (119) 2
    • 700 (136) 2
    • 800 (174) 2
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