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  1. Little sacs in the lungs that are the site of gas exchange between air & blood
  2. Openings between the alveoli that allow air to pass between alveoli
    Alveolar Pores
  3. Membrane that separates the alveolar air from the blood, consisting of the walls of the alveolus and the capillary
    Respiratory membrane
  4. This is a cell that phagocytizes airborne bacteria in order to clean the alveoli
    Alveolar Macrophages
  5. The total pressure of a mixture of gasses is equal to the sum of all the pressures of the individual gasses that were used to make the mix
    Dalton's law
  6. Molecules move from an area of a high to low concentration
    Fick’s Law
  7. Designed for oxygen transport, it has 4 protein chains, each portion having a heme group which can bind to a single O2
  8. Oxygen dissolves in blood,combines with hemoglobin forming:
  9. Hemoglobin molecule without O2
  10. Happens when CO binds with the hemoglobin
  11. Happens when CO2 binds with the hemoglobin
  12. One of the products of the Carboninc acid formula HCO3-, and the most important transport method for CO3
    bicarbonate ions
  13. Enzyme that catalyzes the production of bicarbonate and hydrogen ions
    carbonic anhydrase
  14. The process of pumping HCO3- out of the red blood cell in exchange for Cl-
    chloride shift
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