spanish 204 verbs

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  1. compartir
    to share
  2. confiar (en)
    to trust (in)
  3. contar (o:ue) con
    to rely on, to count on
  4. coquetear
    to flirt
  5. defar a alguien
    to leave someone
  6. dejar plantado/a
    to stand (someone) up
  7. discutir
    to argue
  8. enganar
    to cheat, to deceive
  9. ligar
    to flirt, to hook up
  10. merecer
    to deserve
  11. romper (con)
    to break up (with)
  12. salir (con)
    to go out (with)
  13. enamorarse (de)
    to fall in love (with)
  14. enojarse
    to get angry
  15. estar harto/a
    to be fed up (with), to be sick (of)
  16. llevarse bien/mal/fatal
    to get along well/badly/terribly
  17. odiar
    to hate
  18. ponerse pesado/a
    to become annoying
  19. querer(se) (e:ie)
    to love (each other), to want
  20. sentirse (e:ie)
    to feel
  21. sonar (o:ue) con
    to dream about
  22. tener celos (de)
    to be jealous (of)
  23. tener verguenza (de)
    to be ashamed (of)
  24. casarse (con)
    to get married (to)
  25. divorciarse (de)
    to get a divorce (from)
  26. abrazarse
    to hug
  27. averiguar
    to find out
  28. meterse
    to break in (to a conversation)
  29. suceder
    to happen
  30. abandonar
    to leave
  31. ayudarse
    to help one another
  32. cuidar
    to take care
  33. emigrar
    to emigrate
  34. fortalecerse
    to grow stronger
  35. mudarse
    to move
  36. amar(se)
    to love (each other)
  37. besar
    to kiss
  38. contentarse con
    to be contented/satisfied with
  39. cruzar
    to cross
  40. estar perdido/a
    to be lost
  41. indicar el camino
    to give directions
  42. preguntar el camino
    to ask for directions
  43. bajar
    to go down, to get off (a bus)
  44. construir
    to build
  45. conversar
    to talk
  46. convivir
    to live together, to coexist
  47. dar un paseo
    to take a stroll
  48. dar una vuelta
    to take a walk/ride
  49. dar una vuelta en bicicleta/carro/motocicleta
    to take a bike/car/motorcycle ride
  50. disfrutar de
    to enjoy
  51. doblar
    to turn
  52. hacer diligencias
    to run errands
  53. parar
    to stop
  54. pasarlo bien/mal
    to have a good/bad time
  55. poblar
    to settle, to populate
  56. quedar
    to be located
  57. quedarse
    to stay
  58. recorrer
    to travel (around a city)
  59. relajarse
    to relax
  60. residir
    to reside
  61. subir
    to go up, to get on (a bus)
  62. afligirse
    to get upset
  63. parecerse
    to look like
  64. valorar
    to value
  65. acostumbrar
    to do as a custom/habit
  66. conservar
    to preserve
  67. cooperar
    to cooperate
  68. difundir (noticias)
    to spread (news)
  69. permitir
    to allow
  70. significar
    to mean
  71. atreverse
    to dare
  72. disimular
    to hide, to conceal
  73. enrojecer
    to blush, to turn red
  74. esconder
    to hide
  75. agradecer
    to thank
  76. apoyar(se)
    to support (each other)
  77. criar
    to raise (children)
  78. independizarse
    to become independent
  79. lamentar
    to regret
  80. malcriar
    to spoil
  81. mimar
    to pamper
  82. mudarse
    to move
  83. pelear(se)
    to fight with (one another)
  84. quejarse (de)
    to complain (about)
  85. reganar
    to scold
  86. respetar
    to respect
  87. superar
    to overcome
  88. heredar
    to inherit
  89. parecerse
    to resemble, to look like
  90. realizarse
    to become true
  91. sobrevivir
    to survive
  92. alcanzar
    to be enough, to reach
  93. botar
    to fire, to throw out
  94. firmar
    to sign
  95. repartir
    to distribute, to hand out
  96. cultivar
    to cultivate, to farm
  97. homenajear a los dioses
    to pay homage to the gods
  98. despreciar
    to look down on
  99. rodear
    to surround
  100. sacrificar
    to sacrifice
  101. salvar
    to save
  102. enterarse (de)
    to become informed (about)
  103. navegar en la red
    to surf the web
  104. opinar
    to express an opinion, to think
  105. ser parcial
    to be biased
  106. tener buena/mala fama
    to have a good/bad reputation
  107. ensayar
    to rehearse
  108. entretener
    to entertain
  109. entrevistar
    to interview
  110. rodar (o:ue)
    to shoot (a movie)
  111. grabar
    to record
  112. transmitir
    to broadcast
  113. investigar
    to research; to investigate
  114. publicar
    to publish
  115. suscribirse (a)
    to subscribe (to)
  116. adivinar
    to guess
  117. arrepentirse
    to regret
  118. castigar
    to punish
  119. cometer (un delito)
    to commit (a crime)
  120. enganar
    to deceive, to trick
  121. firmar
    to sign
  122. invocar
    to invoke, to call on
  123. robar
    to rob
  124. golpear
    to beat (a drum)
  125. salr a la venta
    to go on sale
  126. tocar
    to play (an instrument)
  127. vigilar
    to watch, to keep an eye on
  128. agotar
    to use up
  129. aguantar
    to put up with, to tolerate
  130. amenazar
    to threaten
  131. cazar
    to hunt
  132. conservar
    to preserve
  133. contagiar
    to infect, to be contagious
  134. contaminar
    to pollute
  135. desaparecer
    to disappear
  136. destruir
    to destroy
  137. echar
    to throw away
  138. empeorar
    to get worse
  139. extinguirse
    to become extinct
  140. malgastar
    to waste
  141. mejorar
    to improve
  142. prevenir (e:ie)
    to prevent
  143. proteger
    to protect
  144. resolver (o:ue)
    to solve, to resolve
  145. respirar
    to breathe
  146. urbanizar
    to urbanize
  147. aparcar
    to park
  148. cortar
    to cut
  149. desatender (e:ie)
    to neglect
  150. hacer falta
    to be necessary
  151. plantar
    to plant
  152. podar
    to prune
  153. quitar
    to remove
  154. serrar
    to saw
  155. soportar
    to put up with
  156. reciclar
    to recycle
  157. ahogarse
    to suffocate, to drown
  158. aliviar
    to relieve, to soothe
  159. intoxicar
    to poison
  160. talar
    to chop down
  161. proveer
    to provide
  162. ofrecer
    to offer
  163. cultivar
    to grow, to cultivate
  164. volar
    to fly
  165. agotar
    to use up
  166. aguantar
    to put up with, to tolerate
  167. amenazar
    to threaten
  168. cazar
    to hunt
  169. conservar
    to preserve
  170. contagiar
    to infect, to be contagious
  171. contaminar
    to pollute
  172. desaparecer
    to disappear
  173. destruir
    to destroy
  174. echar
    to throw away
  175. empeorar
    to get worse
  176. extinguirse
    to become extinct
  177. malgastar
    to waste
  178. mejorar
    to improve
  179. prevenir (e:ie)
    to prevent
  180. proteger
    to protect
  181. resolver (o:ue)
    to solve, to resolve
  182. respirar
    to breathe
  183. orbanizar
    to urbanize
  184. aparcar
    to park
  185. cortar
    to cut
  186. desatender (e:ie)
    to neglect
  187. hacer falta
    to be necessary
  188. plantar
    to plant
  189. podar
    to prune
  190. quitar
    to remove
  191. serrar
    to saw
  192. soportar
    to put up with
  193. reciclar
    to recycle
  194. ahogarse
    to suffocate, to drown
  195. aliviar
    to relieve, to soothe
  196. intoxicar
    to poison
  197. abusar
    to abuse
  198. aprobar (o:ue) una ley
    to pass a law
  199. convocar
    to summon
  200. defender (e:ie)
    to defend
  201. derogar
    to abolish
  202. encarcelar
    to imprison
  203. juzgar
    to judge
  204. dedicarse a
    to devote oneself to
  205. elegir (e:i)
    to elect
  206. ganar/perder (e:ie) las elecciones
    to win/to lose elections
  207. gobernar (e:ie)
    to govern
  208. influir
    to influence
  209. votar
    to vote
  210. chantajear
    to blackmail
  211. destrozar
    to destroy
  212. espiar
    to spy
  213. huir
    to flee
  214. pelear
    to fight
  215. secuestrar
    to kidnap, to hijack
  216. cedar
    to give up
  217. confiar
    to trust
  218. disentir
    to dissent, to disagree
  219. pegar
    to hit
  220. derrocar
    to overthrow
  221. derrotar
    to defeat
  222. ejercer (el poder)
    to exercise/to exert (power)
  223. encabezar
    to lead
  224. fortalecer
    to strengthen
  225. promulgar
    to enact (a law)
  226. tener (e:ie) derecho a
    to have the right to
  227. ahogar
    to stifle; to drown
  228. callar
    to silence
  229. hundir
    to sink
  230. resistir
    to resist
  231. vigilar
    to keep watch on
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