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  1. Rembrandt


    *Born in Holland, he move to amsterdam to study with Pieter Lastman.

    *Lastman introduce Rembrandt to different styles.

    *However rembrant is most famous for his paintings but his true genius is show in his mastery of etching.
  2. Rembrandt

    *From 1994 to 2003, Emiliano Sorini & Marjorie Van Dyke create a limited edition of 2500prints from each of the 8 images, known as the "millennium edition".

    *Making the first time in history that limited edition of Rembrandt works have ever been created from the original etching copper plates.

    •   -Bust of a man wearing a high cap (1630)
    •   -The raising of Lazarus: the larger plate (1630)
    •   -The artist's mother with her hand on her chest (1631)
    •   -Christ & the woman of samaria among ruins (1634)
    •   -The card player (1641)
    •   -Self portrait at a window (1648)
    •   -Landscape with a cow drinking (1650)
    •   -The golf player (1654)
  3. Picasso


    *The most famous artist of the 20th century.

    *His oeuvre includes drawings, paintings, sculpture, original lithographs & etchings and linocuts.

    *He create Cubism with George Barque
  4. Picasso

    *In 1968, Picasso create 347 etchings in only 7 months at the age of 86.

    *Picasso rebelled against the wave of conceptual & theoretical "art". Picasso rejected the idea of "anyone can be an artist & anything can be art"

    *He said that he was creating the 347 series he was "writing fiction"

    ---Vollard Suite---

    In 1931, Picasso inquire about two paintings, a Renoir & a Cezanne, in exchange Vollard ask for 100 copper etchings. Picasso agree and give 97 of his finest etchings to date and 3 portait etchings of Vollard.
  5. Marc Chagall


    *20th century master artist that have revolutioned the color lithography.

    *His art have not classification, He was a Fauvist, Surrealist and Cubist.

    *He was able to create something that inspired happiness in the world.
  6. Marc Chagall

    *In 1931, Ambroise Vollard commissioned Chagall to illustrate the old testament.

    *The bible series Etchings show Changall's fluid form, sense of space and unique style.

    *Took over 25 years to complete and publish, the 105 hand colored etchings, by 1957.

    *The bible series have 2 volumes: 105 etchings in black & white and 105 etchings in watercolor.
  7. Joan Miro


    *Consider one of the best masters of the 20th century, making a significant contribution to the Surrealism.

    *His work let your subconscious mind "awake" to help shape what you see represented.

    *Miro's work of art was exhibited at the museum of modern art in New York in 1951 & 1959.
  8. Joan Miro

    *In 1956, Broder commissioned Miro to create a series of lithographs refer to the following themes:

    •  -The migratory bird
    •  -The perseides
    •  -The lizard with golden feathers
    •  -The seers

    *The Broder Collection lithographs were publish in 1970 & 1971, not available on open market untill 2004 by Park West.
  9. Salvador Dali

    *Walt Disney & Salvador Dali met in 1945 and decide to create a short film together.

    *Dali began to work on the film in 1946 and create 22 paintings & over 135 storyboards, drawings and sketches.

    *The film was named "DESTINO" by Armando Dominguez.

    *Dali thought Destino was "A magical exposition on the problems of life in the labyrinth of time".

    *Destino was "paused" due to low founds and no market after the world war II.

    *Roy E. Disney decide to complete the Destino proyect, under the direction of Dominique Monfrey.

    *Destino is complete and then released on June 2, 2003. 6min and 40 sec long.
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