1. What is Rx for dry eyes?
  2. In an otherwise fit and healthy person, what is first line Rx for open angle glaucoma?
    Beta blocker topical eg timolol
  3. What is Rx for allergic conjunctivitis?
    Antihistamine – antazoline
  4. Give an eg of short acting mydriatic?
  5. Give eg of long acting mydriatic?
  6. What action does pilocarpine have on pupil?
    Miotic – so good in glaucoma as opens up drainage chamber
  7. What mutation is present in retinoblastoma and on which chromosome?
    Mutated Rb1 gene on long arm of chromosome 13
  8. What is the inheritance of retinoblastoma?
    Autosomal dominant
  9. Bilateral itchy red eyes with profuse watery discharge. The tarsal conjunctiva reveals a follicular appearance. Normal visual acuity. Diagnosis?
    Viral conjunctivitis
  10. What is keratitis?
    Inflammation of cornea
  11. What does keratitis appear as on cornea?
    White spot
  12. What is the most important viral keratitis?
  13. How is a dendritic ulcer visualised?
    Fluoroscein staining
  14. What is retinal detachment commonly preceded by?
    Posterior vitreous detachment
  15. What are the symptoms of Posterior vitreous detachment?
    • Flashes of light
    • Floaters
    • Heavy eye
  16. What are symptoms of retinal detachment?
    • Dense shadow starting in peripheral vision, coming centrally.
    • Straight lines that suddenly appear curved
    • Central visual loss
  17. If a patient presents with transient sudden visual loss. Fundoscopy is normal what is diagnosis?
    Optic neuropathy. Note if fundoscopy is normal, must be something behind ie optic nerve!
  18. How does central retinal artery occlusion present?
    Sudden unilateral painless visual loss
  19. What are the fundoscopy features of retinal artery occlusion?
    • Pale retina
    • Cherry red spot (macula where blood supply intact from choroid)
  20. diplopia on looking downwards. On examination, he sit with his head tilted and there is failure of his right eye to abduct on down-gaze. Diagnosis?
    Trochlear nerve palsy
  21. Which eye lesion is associated with herpes?
    Keratitis (inflam of cornea)
  22. What is the difference in the ONSET of symptoms in retinal vein to retinal artery occlusion?
    • Vein: longer eg overnight – so wake with blurred vision
    • Artery: minutes
  23. Which 5 eye conditions are diabetes more prone to getting?
    • Cataract
    • Glaucoma (chronic)
    • Retinal vein occlusion
    • Cranial nerve palsy eg CN3
    • Diabetic retinopathy
  24. What are the 2 main features of Rx for anterior uveitis?
    • Pain relief: topical cyclopentolate (muscarinic antagonist so causes cycloplegia=paralysis of ciliary muscle in eye)
    • Anti-inflam: topical or oral corticosteroids
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