History of Mech. Ventilation Part 1.

  1.   Successfully performed mouth to mouth resuscitation.
    John Fothergill (1744) 
  2.   Able to keep a dog alive by cutting a hole over the dog’s trachea and another into his lungs by ventilating with a fire below.
    Robert Hooke (1635-1703)
  3. He dissected a human cadaver and created a seven volume text of human anatomy but was forced to take the pilgrimage to the Holy Land to atone his sins. He died enroute.
  4. – Inserted a reed into a dying animal by resuscitation and restored its heartbeat
  5. Used fire bellows to connect to a tube in a patient’s mouth to ventilate the patient. (First form of Mech. Ventilation
  6. The Law
    In the Middle Ages, Human dissection was forbidden and considered sacrilege. The Penalty was death.
  7.     (Greek Philosopher) He studied the anatomy of animals and related them to humans. His writings were believed without question for about 1300 years.
  8.      He placed animals in a box that later died. He mistakenly thought they died from being able to cool themselves. He really demonstrated the need for fresh air.
  9. The first account of endotracheal
  10. The oldest documented case of resuscitation was from resuscitating a child by mouth to mouth was by whom?
    the Prophet Elisha 
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History of Mech. Ventilation Part 1.
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