research test #1

  1. What is the problem statement?
    the orderly progression of ideas to come to a conclusion

    "americans are fat because we eat fatty foods."
  2. What is the stem and the topic of a research q.?
    • stem - "who"
    • topic - what the research is about (the cookies)
  3. Lv.III must specify a CAUSE and EFFECT
  4. What is the essay thesis?
    opinions beliefs in one sentence (think research question)
  5. what is the essay?
    the statement of opinion followed by fact (think research problem) it's backed by data
  6. Research Topic: what are observations?
    taken from real life situations (why do call lights go unanswered?)
  7. research topic: what are concepts?
    • description of a class of phenomena
    • "addiction"
    • "stress"
  8. research topic: what are concepts?
    • the models to explain things.
    • "dungan model" 
    • all those theorists models.
  9. What is the research problem?
    the problem is your statement of what you are doing and why, and is your frame of reference for your entire research project.
  10. what is the purpose of the lit review?
    document/substantiate your ideas and rationale
  11. what is the rationale for asking your question?
    why you believe it's important, why you want the answer, how it can help the profession.

    answers the question, "so what?"
  12. lit critiques have 3 points. what are they?
    • raise points that should be considered in further research of that problem
    • provide an analysis of the entire research process for beginning researchers
    • offer info about one or more aspects of the research process that can be used by other researchers
  13. all Lv.I studies are _____.
    declarative. "What are..."
  14. Lv.II studies are _____
    descriptive. "What is the relationship..."
  15. Lv.III studies are ______
    experimental. written as a hypothesis
  16. Lv.III studies always have ____
    theoretical frameworks
  17. Lv.I is writing the purpose as a ______
  18. LV.II is writing the purpose as a ____
  19. Lv.III is writing the purpose as a _______
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