Cultures of Belize 1: Maya and Mestizo

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  1. What percent of Belize's population are the maya
  2. what are the 3 different groups of Mayas
    • Kekchi
    • Mopan
    • Yucatec
  3. what did the Kekchi maya come to belize
  4. where did the Kekchi maya come from
  5. Why did the Kekchi maya move to belize
    To escape enslavement from German Coffee Growers
  6. where do the Kekchi maya currently live
    along rivers and streams in southern belize
  7. when did the Mopan Maya come to Belize
  8. where did the Mopan maya come from
    Peten region of Guatemela
  9. why did the Mopan maya leave Guatemala
    to escape taxation and forced labor
  10. where do the mopan maya currently live
    San Antonio, Toledo
  11. where did the yucatec Maya come from
  12. when did the Yucatec maya come to belize
    after the caste war
  13. why did the Yucatec maya come to belize
    to avoid imprisonment
  14. where do the Yucatec maya currently live
    in Orange walk and Cayo
  15. What is the typical appearance of the Maya
    • short stature
    • dark, straight hair
    • light-medium skin tone
  16. What is the Maya Language
    dialect of Cholan
  17. What do the Maya men typically wear?
  18. what do the Maya women typically wear
    More modern, but often wear traditional long skirts and dresses made of cotton
  19. When is Day of the dead, All saints day, and all Souls day celebrate
    Oct 31st, Nov 1st and 2nd
  20. Why do the mayans celebrate day of the dead
    • to celebrate ancestors who are in heaven and purgatory
    • feast for the dead
  21. When is the deer dance festival of the Mayans
    August 25
  22. What does the deer dance festival celebrate
  23. What kind of music is found at the deer dance festival
    marimbas, drums, flutes, and rattles
  24. What is the local gov system of the mayans
    Alcalde System
  25. what is the Alcalde system
    a ruler of the local gov is chosen by majority vote and he keeps the peace within the villages
  26. How do mayans make a living
    farming and woven textiles and crafts that they sell to tourist
  27. what do the mayans farm
    corn, coffee, and cotton
  28. What ages of the Mayans go to primary school
  29. What percent of mayans will go on to secondary school
  30. How do mayans get to secondary school
    pass an exam
  31. What two place in Belize have secondary schools
    • belmopan
    • Punta gorda
  32. What are they maya currently fighting for
    rights of their lands against mining, damming, and deforestation
  33. What are the jobs of the women at the Maya center
    • join together and sell crafts
    • sell tickets to cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
    • cook, clean and do laundry
    • guan
    • pig
    • deer
    • chicken
    • and turkey
  34. What type of food do mayas eat
    • corn
    • beans
    • bananas
    • citrus fruits
    • mangos
  35. what do the mayans morning meals consist of
    corn/flour tortillas, eggs, or beans and coffee
  36. what do the mayans midday meals consist of
  37. what is Caldo
    local chicken and broth with toritllas
  38. What is the corn ritual of the mayans
    offer one kernel to each of the Gods, animals, and people
  39. how much of the population do the Mestizo's account for
  40. What type of people make up the Mestizos
    Spanish and Maya descent
  41. when did the Mestizos arrive to Belize
  42. why did the Mestizos come to belize
    to escape the Spanish forced in Yucatan during the Caste War
  43. where do the Mestizos currently live
    Corozal and Orange Walk
  44. what is the religion of the Mestizos
  45. Typical appearance of Mestizos
    • Spanish appearance
    • black straight or wavy hair
    • pale or tan complexion
  46. what is the Mestizo language
    • Spanish
    • english
  47. When is Los Posadas
    Christmas night
  48. who celebrates Los Posadas
  49. What is Las Posadas
    when mestizos go house to house asking for posada- recreate the holy family's quest for shelter in bethlehem
  50. What do the mestizo men and women wear
    dress in modern, western clothing
  51. what is the local gov system of mestizos
    Alcalde systems
  52. What does the Mestizo food consist of
    • corn, beans, and pepper
    • refined sugar
    • squash
    • plantains
    • tortillas
    • tomales
    • bollos and tamalitos
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