history final

  1. basically what was the korean war?
    After WWII Korea divided in half. North Korea attacked South Korea (who lost)
  2. what brought red china and the soviet union closer together?
    by conceiving communism as a monolithic force
  3. what did the korean war show about the US?
    influence of the US in world affairs was declining
  4. what were communist worries caused by?
    the reality of soviet military power, the attack on korea, the loss of the nuclear monopoly, and the stories about spies
  5. Proposed instead of waiting for communist powers to make a move we should put more of an emphasis on nuclear bombs. This would be cheaper to maintain and would prevent the US from being caught up in “local” wars like the Korean. Serve as a deterent
    The Eisenhower-Dulles Foreign Policy
  6. immigration of the jews lead to..
    the need of a jewish state, Israel. arab armies attack out of anger but israel is better organized.
  7. United States was “prepared to use armed force” anywhere in the Middle East against “aggression from any country controlled by international communism”
    Eisenhower Doctrine 1957
  8. who emerged as the new leader of the soviet union and what were his thoughts?

    -Said that the soviet union could launch missiles “tomorrow” and the American military was no match
  9. cuba's new leader ___ ___ went into alliance with ___ that lead to..
    fidel castro, soviets, US stopped import of cuban sugar
  10. what produced a growing militancy among american blacks?
    An awareness of foreign criticism of American racial attitudes, along with resentment that almost a century after the emancipation proclamation they were still 2nd class
  11. what were some of the social tensions regarding race? what did they lead to?
    • -seperate but equal had been gradually undermined
    • -integration of blacks into public education (Brown v. board of education)
  12. ___ became more alienated from the rest of the nation than at any time since reconstruction
    the south
  13. what did Truman hope the atom bomb would do?
    serve as a counterweight to the much larger Red Army, but didn’t intimidate Stalin.

    Uneasy because of damage caused in Japan
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