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  1. What do suppressor cells do?
    Stop mutation
  2. What do malignant cells do
  3. BMT regimen in preconditioning
    5-10 days; needs to happen so they don’t kill new cells (2 days are needed)
  4. Internal radiation
    private room; limit time with visitors (30 min a day/6 feet away)
  5. Breast cancer prevention
    self exam, mammogram, healthy diet, regular exercise
  6. Priority nursing dx for BM transplant
    risk for infection, risk for bleeding
  7. Apoptosis
    programmed cell death
  8. Excisional biopsy
    removing entire lesion and removing adjacent normal tissue
  9. Incisional biopsy
    on large tumors, wedge used to remove some tissue for analysis, problem increase risk of seeding and damage to healthy tissue
  10. Radiation therapy
    go by “none”-no lotions, wash sites with water gently, do not remove marking, wear soft clothing, avoid head exposure
  11. Neupogen lab findings
    Monitor WBC (help stimulate neutrophils)
  12. SIADH
    low sodium
  13. Chemo induced anemia
    answer B
  14. Curative surgery
    removes all cancer tissue
  15. Palliative surgery
    focuses on improving the quality of life during the survival time not curing
  16. Reconstruction surgery
    increases function, enhances appearance or both
  17. SVC syndrome
    high dose of radiation to upper chest; metal stent in vena cava
  18. How do you know SVC treatment is working?
    When symptoms are relieved, such as swelling and erythema in upper extremities
  19. How do you know when tumor lysis syndrome is working?
    When labs, such as K return to normal
  20. How to transfer someone with metastis
    consider pain, stabilize affected area
  21. Hypercalcemia tx
    mithracycin, fluids and possibly dialysis
  22. Hypercalcemia
    you know it’s working when pulse rate returns to normal but bounding
  23. Effect of radiation on cells
    kills a few immediately but most within 24-48 hours
  24. Side effect of BM transplant
    GFH disease
  25. Antineoplastic
    chemo drug, patient is immunosuppressed
  26. DIC what decrease in labs
    fibrinogen and platelets
  27. Thrombocytopenia
    platelets are low causing abnormal bleeding
  28. Side effects of chemo
    all counts decrease
  29. Tamoxifen
    breast cancer hormonal drug; fights breast cancer, does not cure, blocks estrogen
  30. Hemophilia
    clotting factors deficiency, bleeds into joints and muscle tissues heading to joint pain; heat makes inflammation worse-use ice
  31. Vaginal bleeding with uterine cancer
    leg/flank pain-look for cancer
  32. Immune dysfunction
    high pulse and orthostatic hypotension
  33. What are you looking for on a differential count?
    Neutrophils, bands
  34. Hemolytic anemia
    reticulated sites, increased RBC, platelets
  35. Lung cancer with metastisis
    neuro changes
  36. Hodgkins lymphoma
    most common assessment finding is a large but painless lymph node or nodes
  37. Brain tumor
    change in LOC, dizziness, visual changes, headaches
  38. Acute lymphatic leukemia
    Bone marrow shows abnormal chromosomes
  39. Polycythemia vera labs
    increased K
  40. Polycythemia vera risk for
    increased BP, headaches, chest pain, angina, SOB, thrombophlebitis, itchy skin
  41. Leukemia nutrition
    small frequent meals high in protein and carbs; liwuid or semisolid
  42. B12 deficiency anemia
    nervous system affected (leading to falls)
  43. Folate deficient anemia
    green leafy veg, no effect on nervous system
  44. Hodgkins lymphoma and radiation
    permanent sterility in male
  45. Sickle cell anemia and RBC difference
    clotting and structure
  46. Multple myeloma labs
    M Protein, serum monoclonal protein
  47. Leukemia
    too many RBC, other cts are low
  48. Hemophilia
    don’t take aspirin
  49. Hodgkins disease education
    teens-young adults, adults 50-60
  50. Multiple myeloma
    malignant cells in para protein in blood or urine
  51. Neutropenic precautions
    no raw food
  52. Vitals in all types of anemia
  53. Chronic anemia
    alcohol addiction
  54. B-12 diet deficienct
    macrocytic, dairy and animal proteins
  55. Sickle cell
    HbS (or F)
  56. Acute leukemia history assessment
    age, occupation, previous illness, exposure to radiation
  57. S/S of B12 deficiency
    tired, light headedness, weakness, rapid heartbeat, pale, easy bleeding or bruising, stomach upset, diarrhea or constipation
  58. Path mechanism in aplastic anemia
    deficiency of circulating RBC because of failure of the bone marrow to produce these cells; usually occurs with leukopenia and thrombocytopenia
  59. VonWillibrand
    normal platelet count
  60. Hemophilia in child lab value
  61. Sickle cell crisis
    hydration, pain, infection
  62. Hydroxyurea
    reduces the number of sickling and pain episodes
  63. Labs for polycythemia vera
    increase in H&H and platelets and RBC
  64. Multiple myeloma standard treatment
    chemo, noncurable, can go dormant
  65. Worst skin cancer
  66. Benz jones/Mprotein in multiple myeloma
    benz jones
  67. Folate needed for
    RBC production
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