Language, Communication, and Culture Test 1

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  1. Haptics
    • Holding/caressing
    • Feeling/caressing
    • Prolonged holding
    • Spot touching
    • Accidental holding
    • no contact
  2. Emblems
    • Conscious actions
    • Direct verbal translation
    • e.g. thumbs up, nod, head posture
  3. Illustrators
    • Using an object not for it's purpose
    • Directly linked with words
    • Illustrate conversation
    • e.g. baton to point at someone to convey a mesage
  4. Regulators
    • Used to make transition
    • More than one person
    • e.g. "What do you think?" "So..."
  5. Adaptors
    • Grooming
    • Biting your fingernails
  6. Proxemics
    • The study of cultural patterning of spatial separation individuals maintain during face-to-face conversations
    • Distances depend on nature of mutual involvement and culture
    • 4 proxemic zones in America: Intimate, personal, social, and public
  7. Kinesics
    • Study of body language and movement
    • Facial expressions: range of emotions
    • Eye contact: conveys attention, confidence, intention
    • Body Posture: attitude to face-to-face interaction
    • Hand gestures: can be specific to language
  8. Sociopetal
    Face to face
  9. Sociofugal
    Back to back
  10. How does language relate to kinesics/proxemics?
    • Spacing and movement can be used to determine things that one may not convey with language
    • Looking at posture, eye contact, etc. can show whether someone is confident, nervous, etc.
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