1. Who is the Strike Ops Officer?
    CDR Goff
  2. Who is the OPS-O?
    CDR Young
  3. Who is the air ops officer?
    CDR Marusich (Mah-rue-sich)
  4. What does CDC stand for?
    Combat Direction Center
  5. Who is the CDC-O?
    CDR Kennedy
  6. Where is CDC?
    Aft of Admiral's P-Way
  7. What is the main mission of CDC?
    Gather, Process, Display, Evaluate, and Disseminate information
  8. What is the secondary mission of CDC?
    Control and Assist
  9. What are the warfare areas of CDC?
    Air, Surface, Subsurface, Mine, Amphibious, Command & Control, and Information Dominance
  10. Name the watches in CDC
    TAO, CDCWO, ADWC, AIC, ID Operator, TIC, Strike, EWS
  11. What does TAO stand for?
    Tactical Actions Officer
  12. What is important about the TAO?
    He's the only person, aside from the CO, with weapons release authority - in charge of defending the ship
  13. What is the CDCWO and what are his responsibilities in each watch condition?
    CDC Watch Officer - During Condition 3, in charge of all CDC functions; During Condition 1, in charge of the overall Surface Picture
  14. What is the ADWC?
    Air Defense Weapons Coordinator
  15. What does the ADWC do?
    Coordinates with Strike on Point Defense
  16. What is the AIC?
    Air Intercept Controller, "God's Eye View"
  17. What is the job of the ID Operator?
    Identifies air contacts
  18. What is the TIC and what is he in charge of?
    • Tactical Information Coordinator
    • In charge of Data Links
  19. What is Strike and what is he in charge of?
    • Watch in CDC
    • In charge of IFF - they control and brief Alert Aircraft
  20. What is the EWS and what is he in charge of?
    • Electronic Warfare Supervisor
    • Supervises collection of all radar emissions and is in charge of EMCON
  21. List the levels of EMCON
    A (most restrictive), A1, B, C, D (least restrictive)
  22. What does ES stand for?
    Electronic Support
  23. What does EA stand for?
    Electronic Attack
  24. What does EP stand for?
    Electronic Protect
  25. What is the SLQ-32?
    Ship's Anti-Ship missile defense system
  26. What is the SLQ-25?
    "Nixie" - Torpedo Counter Measure
  27. How many Nixie systems are there?
  28. How long is Nixie?
    1600 ft
  29. List the 4 modes of Nixie
    • Swept
    • Noise
    • Alternate
    • Pulse
  30. If Nixie fails, what do we do?
    Outrun the torpedo
  31. What is the length of the flight deck?
    1092 feet
  32. How much does a rudder weigh?
    24 tons
  33. What is the displacement of CVN70?
    95000 tons
  34. What is a DDG ship?
    Guided missile Destroyer
  35. What is an AO ship?
  36. What is an AR ship?
    Repair Ship
  37. What is an LHD ship?
    Amphibious Assault Ship
  38. What is an SSN ship?
    Nuclear Attack submarine
  39. What is the FA-18 used for?
    Air to Air and air to surface engagement
  40. What is the EA-6B used for?
    Electronic Support + Attack (signal jammer)
  41. What is the E2 Hawkeye used for?
    Airborne Early Warning
  42. What is the P3 Orion used for?
    Undersea Warfare
  43. What is the C2 (COD) used for?
    Logistics + Personnel Support
  44. What is the SH-60 used for?
    Undersea warfare
  45. What is BEADWINDOW?
    Comsec violation on the net
  46. What is GINGERBREAD?
    Intruder on the Net
  47. What does EEFI stand for?
    Essential Elements of Friendly Information
  48. How long do you have to send a FLASH message?
    Under 10 minutes / ASAP
  49. How long do you have to send an IMMEDIATE message?
    30 minutes
  50. How long do you have to send a PRIORITY message?
    3 hours
  51. How long do you have to send a ROUTINE message?
    6 hours
  52. What does CATCC stand for?
    Carrier Air Traffic Control Center
  53. Name the radars in CATCC
    SPN-41 (Bullseye), SPN-43 (Marshall), SPN-46 (Easy Rider)
  54. What color are TOP SECRET systems and how much damage could they do?
    • Orange
    • Exceptionally Grave
  55. What color are SECRET and how much damage could they do?
    • Red
    • Serious damage
  56. What color are CONFIDENTIAL systems and how much damage could they do?
    • Blue
    • Damage
  57. Green jersey color on the flight deck
    Maintenance Crew (catapults, arresting gear)
  58. Yellow jersey color on the flight deck
  59. Purple jersey color on the flight deck
  60. Red jersey color on the flight deck
    Crash and Salvage / Ordinance
  61. White jersey color on the flight deck
  62. Brown jersey color on the flight deck
    Plane Captains
  63. Blue jersey color on the flight deck
    Handlers (tractor, elevator operators)
  64. What does ASTAB stand for and its purpose?
    • Automated Status Board
    • Displays real time and non-real time digital information
  65. What is the nickname and purpose of Link 4A?
    • Dolly
    • 1 or 2 way computer-control communication between controlling TDS
  66. What is the nickname and purpose of Link 11?
    • Alligator
    • High speed digital data link with exchange tracking info and weapons control orders
  67. What is the nickname and purpose of Link 16?
    • Timber
    • High speed digital UHF Satcomms link with anti-jam capabilities
  68. What does CVIC stand for?
    Carrier Intelligence Center
  69. What does C4I stand for?
    Command, control, communication, computer, & intelligence
  70. What does METOC stand for?
    Meteorological center
  71. What does ASMD stand for?
    Anti-ship missile defense
  72. What does SSES stand for?
    Ship Signal Exploitation Space
  73. What does HARM stand for?
    High-speed Anti-Radiation Missile
  74. What is the primary mission of the SLQ-32
    Anti-ship missile defense
  75. What is the function of the picket ship?
    Track, ID, report, and initiate interception of an oncoming threat
  76. Who monitors EMCON?
    EWS or EMCON control station
  77. What is the max range of the FA-18?
    160-180 NM
  78. What is the purpose of the AGM-84 (Harpoon)?
    Surface to surface engagement
  79. How many SLQ-32 antennas are there and what are their locations?
    • 2
    • Port FWD and STBD Mid (above the officer's brow)
  80. What are the 5 ladies of OPS?
    Tilly (B&A Crane), Nixie (anti-torpedo), Dolly (Link 4A), Gertrude (WQC-2A), Nancy (Morse Code)
  81. What does CASREP stand for and what is it?
    • Casualty Report on ship's status
    • Message used when equipment fails, accidents, disasters on material or personnel
    • Passes in 48 hours
  82. What are the 4 categories of CASCOR?
    C1 (ok, but need repair), C2, C3, C4 (down hard)
  83. What does CASCOR mean?
    Casrep has been Corrected
  84. What is the barricade on the flight deck?
    Emergency aircraft landing net
  85. How may arresting gear wires are there?
  86. What are the flight deck lights and their meanings?
    • Green - All clear
    • Amber - 2 minutes to launch / helo ops
    • Red - aircraft crash
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