Immune System Review

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  1. Macrophages are human white blood cells that destroy pathogens by
    engulfing and digesting them
  2. Vaccinations help prepare the body to fight pathogens by stimulating the production of
    antibodies and memory cells
  3. Some people have an immune response to peanuts, milk or eggs.  This malfunction of the immune system is called an
  4. What is in a vaccine?
    weakened or killed pathogens
  5. Antibodies and receptors recognize pathogens by
    their shape/lock and key moel
  6. What would have to change on a pathogen in order for the human body to not recognize the pathogen any more?
    the antigens
  7. What system of the body is stimulated by the use of a vaccine?
    the immune system
  8. The virus that causes AIDS is damaging to the body because it attacks
    white blood cells/cells that fight pathogens
  9. Viruses may only infect one type of cell because in order to enter the cell their antigens must attach to the cell's
  10. Transplants may be dangerous because the host may recognize the donor's antigens as foreign.  When this happens it is called
  11. What does an immunosuppressant drug do?
    decreases the immune response
  12. What is an advantage of taking an immunosuppressant drug?
    prevents rejection of an organ
  13. What is the disadvantage of taking an immunosuppressant drug?
    You may be sick more often.
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