1. Who is the CO?
    Captain K D Whalen
  2. Who is the XO?
    CAPT W M Slaughter
  3. Who is the CMC?
    CMDCM J Pickering
  4. Who is the Sailor of the year?
    ABH1 Clifton
  5. Who is the JR Sailor of the year?
    AO2 Ceaser
  6. Who is the BJOY?
    ABF3 Wilson
  7. Who is the SAPR?
    YNC Rush
  8. What does EOA stand for and who is it?
    • Equal opportunity adviser
    • STGC Robles
  9. Who is the Command Finacial Specialist?
    EMC Hull
  10. Who is the Command Chaplin?
    CDR Duesenberry
  11. Who is the Command Career Counselor?
    • NCCM Lemas
    • NCC Perry
    • NC1 Hernandez
  12. What does SAPR stand for?
    Sexual Assault Prevention and Response
  13. Who is the command SARP?
    DCC Pizinger
  14. What does DAPA stand for?
    Drug and Alcohol Program Advisor
  15. Who is the DAPA?
    MMC Freeman
  16. What does CMEO stand for?
    Command Managed Equal Opportunity
  17. Who is the command CMEO?
    LSC Dasher
  18. Who is the Commander in Chief?
    • President of the United States
    • Honorable Barack Obama
  19. Who is the Vice president?
    Honorable Joseph Biden
  20. What does SECDEF stand for and who is it?
    • Secretary of Defense
    • Honorable Chuck Hagel
  21. What does SECNAV stand for and who is it?
    • Secretary of the Navy
    • Honorable Ray Mabus
  22. Who is the Chief of Staff?
    Captain Robert Sanders
  23. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
    General Martin E. Dempsey
  24. What does CNO stand for and who is it?
    • Chief of Naval Operations
    • Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert
  25. Who is the MCPON?
    Michael Stevens
  26. What was the MCPON's original rate?
    Aviation Structural Mechanic (AM)
  27. What does ISIC stand for?
    Immediate Superior in Command
  28. Who is Carl Vinson's ISIC?
    • Carrier Strike Group 1
    • Rear Admiral Christopher Grady
  29. Who is the CNAF?
    Vice Admiral Buss
  30. How many personnel must be assigned to a command to assign a CMC?
  31. How many Fleet Master Chiefs are there in the Navy?
  32. How many Force master chiefs are there in the navy?
  33. When was the Carl Vinson commissioned?
    March 13, 1982
  34. What is the Vinson's call sign?
    Gold Eagle
  35. How many life boats (not life rafts) are on Carl Vinson?
    4; 1 Barge, 1 Gig, 2 RHIBS
  36. What is the Vinson's motto?
    Vis Per Mare "Strength from the Sea"
  37. What is the length of the ship?
    1115 feet and 4 inches
  38. What is the steam cycle?
    Generation, Expansion, Condensation, Feed
  39. How much water does each sailor get per day?
    35 gallons per day
  40. What are the DC Central Watches?
    Load Dispatcher, EOOW, DCWS
  41. What can you find in the EDVR (enlisted distribution and verification report)?
    Name, SSN, Rate, NECs, ADSD, EAOS, PRD
  42. What is POA&M?
    Plan of Action and Milestones
  43. What is the purpose of Command Training Team?
    Conducts navy rights and responsibilities workshops and training like Women at Sea, sexual harassment, fraternization, or new policies
  44. What does CAT stand for and what is their purpose?
    Command Assessment Team - conducts surveys to assess command equal opportunity climate, identifies positive and problem areas, makes recommendations to Commanders and develops POA&M
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