Wildlife Review Week 2

  1. What is wildlife management?
    the application of ecological knowledge to populations of non-fish vertebrates and their plant and animal associates in a manner that strikes a balance between the needs of wildlife and the needs of people
  2. What were the early objectives of wildlife management?
    • first: improve hunting for and by private landowners (in England)
    • then: save & perpetuate (after exploitation) or preservation
  3. What were the first steps towards conservation?
    • 1. harvest restrictions
    • 2. law enforcement
  4. What were peoples' attitudes about wildlife up until the early 1900s?
    • not worried, thought wildlife would replenish itself
    • don't worry about running out of water until they see the bottom of the barrel
  5. What makes up the animal dimension?
    • ornithology
    • herpetology
    • mammalogy
    • zoology
    • life histories
    • population dynamics
    • genetics
    • animal ecology
    • principles of WDLM
  6. How much were big game resources reduced?
  7. What did Gifford Pinchot do for conservation?
    • coined the term "conservation"
    • America's first forester
  8. What did Theodore Roosevelt do for conservation?
    • introduced conservation to the public
    • demanded science be cornerstone of conservation
    • took first inventory of the nation's natural resources
    • created first wildlife refuge
    • founded Boone & Crocket Club
  9. What did Aldo Leopold do for conservation?
    • father of wildlife management
    • founded the Wilderness Society (now Wildlife Society)
  10. What did John Muir do for conservation?
    • father of National Parks
    • influenced Congress to set aside land for national parks
    • founded Sierra Club
  11. What did John J. Audubon do for conservation?
    • naturalist and painter
    • authored the "birds of america"
  12. What did Jay Norwood Darling do for conservation?
    • famous cartoonist
    • asked to head the US Biological Survey by Roosevelt
  13. What did John Wesley Powell do for conservation?
    • author and naturalist
    • explored the grand canyon and the colorado river
    • early conservationist
  14. What did Clinton Hart Merriam do for conservation?
    • naturalist and taxonomist
    • author of the life zone concept (detailed relationship btw animal/plant distribution and temp patterns)
    • named the mourning dove after his daughter 
    • also named the wild turkey and kangaroo rat after himself
  15. What are the 3 disciplines of wildlife management?
    • human dimension
    • habitat
    • animal
  16. What makes up the human dimension?
    • policy
    • government
    • administration
    • communication
    • public speaking
    • technical writing
    • law
    • economics
    • sociology
    • psychology
    • political science
  17. What makes up the habitat dimension?
    • geology
    • landscape ecology
    • plant ecology
    • plant morphology
    • plant physiology
    • agronomy
    • range management
    • forestry
    • succession
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