Human Anatomy & Physiology

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  1. what is the Saggital plan
    plane that divides the body into left and right
  2. frontal plane (coronal)
    plane that divides the body into front and back
  3. horizontal plane (transverse)
    plane that divides the body into upper and lower halves
  4. anterior/ventral
    pertaining to the front
  5. posterior/dorsal
    pertaining to the back
  6. medial
    towards the midsaggital line or middle of the body
  7. lateral
    away from the middle of the body
  8. proximal
    nearest to the point of origin or the trunk
  9. distal
    away from the point of origin or the trunk
  10. caudal
    towards the lower end of the body
  11. supine
    lying face up
  12. prone
    lying face down
  13. lateral recumbent
    lying on either side
  14. ceremonius glands
    secrete ear wax
  15. sebaceous glands
    located everywhere but the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands

    secrete oil, lubricates the skin and hair.
  16. how much sweat is secreted daily on average?
    1 liter
  17. how many bones in the human body?
  18. longest bone in the body
  19. bones get strength from?
    mineral salt
  20. Cnacellous tissue
    Spongy porous center of the bone
  21. Medullary canal
    • Center of the bone that holds marrow
    • yellow bone marrow located in long bones

    red bone marrow located in ends of long bones
  22. 4 classifications of bones
    Long, short, flat, irregular
  23. bones of the ear
    malleus, incus, stapes
  24. vertebrae
    7 cervical, 12 thorax, 5 lumbar, 5 sacral
  25. ribs
    7 true ribs, 5 false ribs per side
  26. bone classification

    slightly movable

    freely movable
  27. movable joints
    ball in socket





  28. muscle makes up how much of body weight
  29. Rigor mortis sets in
    10min- several hours after death
  30. salivary glands produce how much saliva daily?
    2-3 pints
  31. what is the biceps femoris
    the hamstrings
  32. sites of IM injection
    Gleuteus maximus


  33. what is the longest muscle in the body
  34. blood volume is
    5-6 liter
  35. plasma is____%and ____%blood cells

  36. how long do red blood cells live
    100-120 days
  37. Normal WBC count
    6,000-8,000 per cubic millimeter
  38. total blood count is?
    250,000 per cubic millimeter
  39. Systole
    heart at work
  40. Diastole
    heart at rest
  41. Median cubital vein is?
    the primary antecubital veinipuncture spot
  42. how long does it take for food to pass through the small intestine?
  43. how long is the large intestine?
  44. the large intestine is made of what?
    Cecum, colon and rectum
  45. Residual air after lung expiration is
    1,200 ml
  46. Sheny stokes:
    respiration increases to a certain point
  47. Trochlear nerve does what?
    turns eye to the side and down
  48. corticoids:
    regulates salt and water
  49. what is the minimum of urine produced per day?
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