Week 1 Vocab

  1. Candid
    KAN did
    Completely honest, straightforward

    Candace's candidness overwhelmed her business colleagues, who were not used to such honesty.
  2. Conjecture
    kun JEK chur
    Inference; guesswork

    At this point, Kimaya's hypothesis about single-cell biorhythms is still conjecture: She doesn't have conclusive evidence.
  3. Didactic
    die DAK tik

    The tapes were entertaining and didactic; they both amused and instructed children.
  4. Euphemsim
    YOO fuh miz um
    A mild, indirect, or vague term substituting for a harsh, blunt, or offensive term.

    "To pass away" is a common euphemism for dying.
  5. Extrapolate
    ek STRAP uh layt
    To infer or estimate by extending or projecting known information.

    Seeing the wrecked bike and his daughter's skinned knees, Heath extrapolated that she had had a biking accident.
  6. Incoherent
    in ko HEAR unt
    Lacking cohesion or connection

    Maury's sentences were so incoherent that nobody understood a word.
  7. Insinuate
    in SIN yoo ayt
    To imply or communicate stealthily

    Sean insinuated that Grace stole the arsenic, but he never came out and said it.
  8. Lucid
    LOO sid
    Easily understood; clear

    Our teacher provides lucid explanations of even the most difficult concepts so that we can all understand them.
  9. Rhetoric
    RET uh rik
    The art of using language effectively and persuasively

    Since they are expected to make speeches, most politicians and lawyers are well-versed in the art of rhetoric.
  10. Acumen
    AK yoo men
    Quickness, accuracy, and keenness of judgement or insight

    Judge Ackerman's legal acumen was so well regarded that he was nicknamed the "Solomon of the South."
  11. Adroit
    uh DROYT
    Dexterous; deft

    An adroit balloon-animal maker, Adrianna became popular at children's parties.
  12. Ascertain
    as er TAYN
    To find out, as through investigation or experimentation

    The private investigator had long suspected my dog; before long, he ascertained that Toto was indeed the murderer.
  13. Astute
    uh STOOT
    Shrewd; clever

    Steward is financially astute; he invests wisely and never falls for scams.
  14. Circumspect
    SER kum spekt
    Careful; prudent; discreet

    Ned's circumspect manner makes him a wise appointment to the diplomatic corps.
  15. Disseminate
    dis SEM uh nayt
    To scartter widely, as in sowing seed

    The news about Dave's embarrassing moment at the party disseminated quickly through the school; by the end of the day, everyone knew what had happened.
  16. Erudition
    er yuh DISH un
    Deep, extensive learning

    Professor Ruby's erudition was such that she cold answer any question her students put to her.
  17. Husbandry
    HUZ bun dree
    The application of scientific principles to agriculture, especially to animal breeding

    After years of practicing animal husbandry, Marsha's husband was able to create a breed of dog that actually walked itself.
  18. Pedantic
    puh DAN tik
    Excessively concerned with book learning and formal rules

    Pedro's pedantic tendencies prompted him to remind us constantly of all the grammatical rules we were breaking.
  19. Perspicacious
    per spih KAY shus
    Shrewd; clear-sighted

    Persephone's perspicacious mind had solved so many cases that the popular private investagator was able to retire.
  20. Pragmatic
    prag MAT ik

    Never one for wild and unrealistic schemes, Matt took a pragmatic approach to research.
  21. Precocious
    pre KO shus
    Exhibiting unusually early intellectual aptitude or maturity

    Bobby Fisher's precocious intellect made him one of the world's best chess players before he could even drive.
  22. Prospectus
    pro SPEK tus
    Formal proposal

    Before writing my thesis, I had to submit a detailed prospectus to the department for approval.
  23. Rudimentary
    roo duh MEN tuh ree
    Basic; elementary; in the earliest stages of development

    Josh's rudimentary golf skills were easily overpowered by Tiger Woods's amazing performance on the green.
  24. Abstruse
    ab STROOS
    Difficult to understand

    Abby found fer professor's lecture on non-Euclidian geometry abstruse; she doubted anyone else in class understood it either.
  25. Callous
    KAL us
    Emotionally hardened; unfeeling

    Callie's callous remark about her friend's cluttered room really hurt his feelings.
  26. Convoluted
    kon vo LOO tid
    Intricate; complex

    The directions were co convoluted that we became hopelessly lost.
  27. Enigma
    en IG ma
    A puzzle, mystery, or riddle

    The emu was an enigma; you could never tell what it was thinking.
  28. Inscrutable
    in SKROOT uh bul
    Difficult to fathom or understand; impenetrable

    The ancient poet's handwriting was so inscrutable, that even the most prominent Latin scholars could not read the manuscript.
  29. Reticent
    RET uh sint
    Inclined to keep silent; reserved

    Rosanna's reticent behavior caused the interviewer to think her incapable of conversing with other students.
  30. Staid
    Unemotional; serious

    Mr. Estado was well known for his staid demeanor; he stayed calm even when everyone else celebrated the team's amazing victory.
  31. Arcane
    ar KAYN
    Known or understood by only a few

    The dusty archive includes an arcane treasure trove of nautical charts from the Age of Discovery.
  32. Assimilate
    uh SIM uh layt
    To absorb or become absorbed; to make or become similar

    Keisha assimilated so quickly at her new school that she was named head of the social committee a month after enrolling.
  33. Autonomy
    aw TAHN uh mee
    Independence; self-determination

    Candice gained autonomy upon moving out of her parents' house into her own apartment.
  34. Cosmopolitan
    koz mo PAHL i tun
    Worldly; widely sophisticated

    Inga was surprisingly cosmopolitan considering that she had never left her tiny hometown in Norway.
  35. Derivative (n)
    duh RIV uh tiv
    Something that comes from another source

    Special Victims Unite and Criminal Intent are deriviative of the orginial Law and Order drama series.
  36. Entourage
    AHN ter azh
    A group of attendants or associates; a retinue

    Top celebrities travel with extensive entourages, which often include sercurity guards, assistants, stylists, managers, and publicists.
  37. Esoteric
    es oh TAIR ik
    Intended for or understood by only a small group

    Esme's play is extremely esoteric; someone not raised in Estonia would find it difficult to follow.
  38. Gaffe
    A clumsy social error; a faux pas

    Geoff committed the gaffe of telling his date that he'd gone out with her sister the night before.
  39. Idiosyncrasy
    ID ee oh SINK ruh see
    Characteristic peculiar to an individual or group

    She had many idosyncrasies, one of wich was washing her socks in the dishwashers.
  40. Insular
    IN suh ler
    Isolated; narrow or provinical

    The family was so insular that no one else could get near them.
  41. Orthodox
    OR thuh doks
    Adhering to the traditional and established, especially in religion

    My father helf an orthodox view of baseball; he believed that the field should be outside and made of real grass.
  42. Potentate
    PO tun tayt
    One who has the power and position to rule over others; monarch

    An omnipotent potenate is a person to be reckoned with; great power in the hands of a great leader is a power combination.
  43. Castigate
    KAS tih gayt
    To schold, rebuke, or harshly criticize

    Mr. Castile preferred not to castigate sutdent misbehavior publicly; instead, he would quietly send the troublemaker to the principal's office.
  44. Censure
    SEN shur
    To issue official blame

    In recent years the FCC has censured networks for the provocative antics of Super Bowl halftime acts; what goes on during the game, however, usually escapes the organization's notice.
  45. Denounce
    duh NOWNTS
    To condemn openly

    In many powerful speeches throughout his lifetime, Martin Luther King, Jr. denounced racism as immoral.
  46. Reclusive
    ree KLOO siv
    Seeking or preferring seclusion or isolation

    Our neighbors were quite reclusive, hardly ever emerging from behind the closed doors of their home.
  47. Relinquish
    ree LING kwish
    To retire from; give up or abandon

    Ricky relinquished his career in order to search for the source of the world's best relish.
  48. Renounce
    ree NOWNTS
    To give up (a title, for example), especially by formal announcement

    Nancy renounced her given name and began selling records under ther moniker "Boedicia."
  49. Vituperative
    vie TOOP ur uh tiv
    Markered by harshly abusive condemnation

    The vituperative speech was so cruel that the members left feeling completely abused.
  50. Circumscribe
    kum skryb
    To draw a circle around; to restrict

    The archeologist circumscribed the excavation are on the map.
  51. Contiguous
    kun TIG yoo us
    Sharing an edge or boundary; touching

    The continental United States consists of 48 contiguous states.
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