Lysistrata lines 980-1060

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  1. ἁγερωχια
    the elders/the senate
  2. λω
    • θελω
    • I wish
  3. μυσιξαι
    • from μυθεομαι
    • tell, speak
  4. Κονισαλος
    a phallic creature
  5. κυρσανιε
    young man!
  6. ἐμολον
    • βλωσκω
    • I have come
  7. διαλλαγαν
    • noun
    • a treaty, reconciliation
  8. μαλης
  9. μεταστρεφει
    you are turning
  10. προβαλλει
    you are holding forth
  11. χλαμυδ᾽
    short cloak
  12. βουβωνιᾳς
    you suffer from groin swellings
  13. αλεος
    • adj (nom for exclamation as in epic)
    • mad, crazy
  14. ἐστυκας
    you're stiff
  15. πλαδδιη
    • πλαδδιαω
    • doric
    • talk nonsense!
  16. σκυταλα
    a staff, walking stick, 'despatch stick'
  17. προς εἰδοτα
    towards one who knows
  18. ὀρσα
    it rises up?
  19. Παλλανας
    • lit: 'Pallene is lacking'
    • Henderson: 'an otherwise unattested Spartan word for vagina/anus'; indeed, one suggestion is a play on palla, a milk pail (a receptacle for white fluid...)
    • Or topographical: a Spartan city, or Pallene - loyal to Sparta, or another Pallene which the Spartans failed to capture and had been colonised by Athens, hence Sommerstein's 'thrust up country'
  20. ὑσπλαγιδος
  21. ἀπηλααν
  22. ὑσσακων
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