CVA mat/TF

  1. T/F transfer to strong side to increase awareness of involved side
    • False
    • t/f to the weak side
  2. More likely to be independent if t/f to this side
  3. T/F with dependent t/f my knees are on patella
    • false
    • condyles
  4. t/f teaching scooting to chair edge isn't ideal
  5. where do feet go in relation to knees during sit to stand
  6. t/f mod assist sit to stand therapist hand on strong side femur and hip
    • true
    • pull forward not up
  7. explain method and therapist contacts for max sit to stand
    • 1h sternum
    • 1h strong hip
    • block weak foot and knee
    • pull patient forward, not up
  8. elevation rom technique
    • cup hand over head of humerus
    • other on inferior scap angle with heel of hand
    • neutral rotation
    • no approx into acromian
  9. protraction rom technique
    • less than 90 flexion
    • pin arm between therapist arm and trunk to keep neutral rotation
    • use vert border to move scap
  10. upward rotation technique
    • put into protraction
    • 1h distal humerus (before epicondyles)
    • 1h holding hand
    • raise arm with ER
  11. how to do scooting up
    • flex strong knee and hip
    • therapist DF's and everts weak foot to bring hip and knee into flexion
    • patient clasps hands
    • therapist firmly places 1h distal femur
    • other hand under hip
  12. side scooting
    • done same as up scoot
    • hips 1st 
    • feet 2nd
    • head 3rd
    • leave in straight alignment
  13. sidelying to sit
    • lay on weak side
    • flex both hips and knees
    • protract and 90 shoulder flexion
    • pt arm between therapist's arm and trunk
    • sit patient up without feet slapping ground
    • patient can push up with good arm
    • reverse process to go sit->sidelying
  14. purpose of positioning pt on weak side
    • reduce trunk flexion
    • most therapeutic
  15. purpose of positioning pt on sound side
    inhibits LE synergy
  16. supine positioning purpose
    • symmetry of limbs
    • knee extension
    • least ideal position
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