History Final

  1. What kept factories operating at capacity?
    The pent-up demand for houses, automobiles, clothing, washing machines, and countless other products, backed by the war-enforced savings of millions
  2. How did the GI bill change lives?
    Military people coming back and getting educated. Could continue their educations, learn new trades, or start new businesses
  3. The containment policy began to take shape as a result of...
    a crisis in Greece, Greek communists were waging a guerilla war against monarchy. Great Britain had been assisting monarchy and couldn’t afford the drain on resources, so they cut off aid to Greece
  4. What was the idea of "iron curtain"?
    it was a communist "iron curtain" that fell between opposing sides and engulfed the country into communism
  5. $400 million in military and economic aid to Greece and Turkey, trying to stop communism’s spread. Result was establishment of right-wing military-dominated government in Greece
    Truman Doctrine
  6. reminded Americans that their pre-war isolationism contributed to the rise of Hitler so this time people must be prepared to act against foreign aggressors
    "lesson of history"
  7. Provide for the economic recovery of Europe. Result: western Europe booming and Europe divided in two
    Marshall Plan
  8. American influenced governments were elected, private property was respected—if often taxed heavily—and corporations gained influence and power
    western europe
  9. Soviet Union imposed its will and political system on client states, fostering deep-seated resentment among its peoples
    eastern europe
  10. How did Stalin react to the Marshall plan? What did this cause the US to do?
    retaliated by closing off surface access to Berlin from the west

    Truman launched air drops of supplies flown from western German cities 24 hours a day—Berlin Airlift. Stalin lifted blockade because they were not prepared to fight
  11. o U.S., Great Britain, Canada, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, and Iceland agreed that an attack against any of them constituted an attack against them all and would lead them to take whatever actions were deemed necessary, including the use of armed force
    north atlantic treaty, established north atlantic treaty organization (NATO)
  12. containment had relied on american ____, _____, and ____, not on ____ ______
    money, materials, know-how, american soldiers
  13. a review of the containment policy that called for a military expansion

    Instead of relying on other nations, the US itself must develop sufficient military forces to stop communism from spreading anywhere in the world
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