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  1. A Detective should be requested for the following crimes:
    Burglaries over $50,000, Larcenies over $75,000, major robberies, kidnaps, extortions, sexual assault, homicides, questionable deaths, elder or child abuse/neglect, or other crimes where investigators or detective should assist  with follow up investigations.
  2. Preliminary investigations cont.
    When the crime involves a dignitary or politician the Organized Intelligence Section Lieutenant or designee will also be notified.
  3. Violent/Major Crimes     Hours
    Monday through Friday 1600-0600, Hollidays, Saturday and Sunday 24 hours a day, detectives from the Violent/Major Crimes Detail will be requested to the scene to begin the preliminary investigation and brief the responding Homicide Section personnel for the following events:                              1. OIS  2. Homicides  3. Fire Deaths  4. In-Custody Deaths
  4. Major Incident Log
    Will be completed by patrol on every major incident where an investigative unit will be responding for follow up.
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Crime Scene Investigations