English 311 midterm study guide

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  1. Great vowel shift starting from "a"
    a--> e(i)-->i --> ai
  2. Great vowel shift starting from backwards c or "law"
    law --> o(U) load --> u (luke) --> au (loud)
  3. Morphological changes
    extensions (web) reduction (dog and hound) elevation , degradation
  4. Grandmother language to english
    Indo European
  5. English Mother Language
  6. English Aunty Language
    Latin came from Italic family
  7. English Sister languages
    German, dutch, yiddish, danish, icelandic, Norwegian,
  8. English Cousins
    French, spanish, Italian, Portuguese
  9. Norman Invasion
    • Anglo-Norman Kingdom
    • Normans in control (french)
  10. English borrowed 75% of its language from...
  11. Major Historical moments for the English Language
    Old English, Norman Invasion, Early modern english, Modern english,
  12. When was the Renaissance
    During the Early Modern English Period
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