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  1. When treating the tumor bed for Wilms tumor, care should be taken to include the entire width of the spine to prevent
  2. __________ is not an associated risk factor for pediatric solid tumors
  3. THe most common symptom of Wilms tumors is an ______________
    abdominal mass
  4. Nephroblastomas metastasize most commonly to the ________
  5. Neuroblastomas originate in the _______
    neural crest cells
  6. _____________ primary brain tumors typically spread via the cerebral spinal fluid
  7. The most common symptom of Ewings sarcoma is ___________
  8. The most frequent orbital malignancy in children is _____________________
  9. Wilm's tumor orginate from what cell type?
  10. Which type of childhood cancer is mostly associated with prophylactic irradiation of the CNS?
    ALL (Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia)
  11. Stem cell transplantation is successful in treating childhood cancers such as ALL.
    Transplanted blood cells may come from a compatible donor, the patient, or an identical twin. What are the following types of donors?
    Allogeneic donor - ___________
    Autologous donor - _____________
    Syngeneic donor - ____________
    • allogeneic = compatible match
    • Autologous donor = self
    • Syngeneic donor = Identical Twin
  12. The most important latent side effects from radiation therapy to the pediatric patient is _____________ & ____________
    Impaired bone growth & Secondary cancers
  13. An aggressive management for retinoblastoma is an enucleation. An enucleation is _____________
    surgical removal of the orbit
  14. When caring for preschool aged children, it is important to __________________
    keep communications simple & honest
  15. When caring for an adolescent, it is important to _____________ ____________
    adknowledge that modesty and privacy are paramount
  16. Your 17 year old Hodgkin patient is worried about not having her hair back in time for prom. An acceptable response would be _____________________
    I know someone you can speak to about some creative alternatives
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