Conversions and Calculation of Oral & Parenteral Meds

  1. a tablet with a special coating that protects them from the effects of gastric secretions and prevents them from dissolving in the stomach.  they are dissolved and absorbed in the intestines.
    Enteric-Coated Tablets
  2. a tablet that has an elongated shape like a capsule and is coated for ease of swallowing (Tylenol)
  3. designed to administer a dosage that is less than what is available in a single tablet; have indentions or makings that allow you to break the tablet into halves or quarters.
    scored tablets
  4. tablets that are designed to be placed under the tongue, where they dissolve in saliva and the medication is absorbed. ( nitro)
    Sublingual tablets
  5. a form of medication that contains a powder, liquid, or oil enclosed in a hard or soft gelatin.
  6. Medication released over a period of time at specific intervals
    Time released and Extended release
  7. 3 type of syringes
    • 1. hypodermic
    • 2. tuberculin
    • 3. insulin
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Conversions and Calculation of Oral & Parenteral Meds
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