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  1. This tissue covers the body surface and organs, forms the inner lining of body cavities, and lines the hollow organs.
    Epithelial tissue
  2. This is a thin nonliving layer that anchors epithelial layer to the underlying connective tissue.
    Basement tissue
  3. This tissue is exposed to the outside or internally to an open space.
    Apical surface
  4. This means without a vessel.
  5. This is the hollow part of a tubular structure such as a blood vessel or intestine.
  6. These are glands that release fluids products by exocytosis.
    Merocrine glands
  7. These are glands that lose small portions of their glandular cell bodies during secretion.
    Aprocrine glands
  8. These are glands that release entire cells.
    Holocrine glands
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