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  1. In case of damage to the facial artery as a result of a facial injury, the bleeding might be stopped by digital compression of the artery at the level of the:

    C. base of mandible
  2. Total transection of the facial nerve at the stylomastoid foramen results in the paralysis of the following muscle:
  3. A vertical incision over the masseter muscle will damage, in addition to other structure, the following artery:
    transverse facial
  4. during surgery on the upper lip which nerve should be approached to anesthetize the region:
  5. What is the functional significance of the connections between the facial and auriculotemporal nerves:
    autonomic fibers from facial pass to auriculotemporal
  6. Which of the following structures is not found in the digastric triangle of the neck:

    E) all of the above are in the triangle
  7. Which nerve receives no contribution from the third cervical segment of the spinal cord:
    greater occipital
  8. Which nerves receive contribution from the third cervical segment of the spinal cord:
    • lesser occipital
    • supraclavicular
    • great auricular
    • phrenic
  9. The second part of the subclavian artery lies posterior to which muscle?
    scalenus anterior
  10. Which one of the following nerve components is NOT found in the seventh cranial nerve:
    a) special visceral efferent
    b) general visceral efferent
    c) special visceral afferent
    d) general visceral afferent
    e) all of the above are found
    general visceral afferent
  11. The transversus abdominis muscle continues into the spermatic cord as the

    E. none of the above
  12. The lesser curvature of the stomach is supplied by the
    left gastric and right gastric arteries
  13. Which one of the following cranial nerves does NOT contain special visceral afferent components:
  14. The medial branch of the dorsal ramus of C2 is termed:
    the greater occipital nerve
  15. In regard to the deep muscles of the back, the muscle group which runs from medial to lateral is:
    the transversospinalis
  16. The parasympathetic fibers which innervate the parotid gland originate from:
    the glossopharyngeal nerve
  17. The postganglionic sympathetic fibers in the head region reach their destination by way of:
    the arteries
  18. The biceps brachii muscle can
    flex the forearm, flex the arm, supinate
  19. The muscle that protracts the scapula and allows avduction of the arm beyond the horizontal plane is the
    serratus anterior
  20. The posterior humeral circumflex artery accompanies which nerve?
    axillary nerve
  21. The ligament that hold the head of the radius in place against the ulna is the
    annular ligament
  22. A patient has a small stab wound over the thenar eminence. To determine if the redurrent branch of the median nerve is injured or severed, the physician should test:
    opposition of thumb
  23. The splanchnic nerves carry the
    preganglionic sympathetic fibers
  24. in regard to the diaphragm
    the two crura are united in front of the aortic hiatus by a tendinous arch which is called the median arcuate ligament
  25. External hemorrhoids covered by the skin, are an abnormal condition of the
    inferior rectal vein
  26. Which one of the following structures is least concerned with the fixation of the uterus?

    D. pubovesical ligament
  27. The umbilical cord contains: ___ artery(ies) and ___ vein(s)
    two arteries and one vein
  28. The bulbourethral gland of Cowper is located in the:
    deep perineal pouch
  29. Infection from the facial region spreads to the cavernous sinus through the:
    opthalmic vein
  30. Injury of which nerve results in lateral deviation of the anterior pole of the eye:
  31. Which of the following is not a muscle of mastication:
    a) temporalis
    b) buccinator
    c) medial pterygoid
    d) masseter
    e) lateral pterygoid
  32. Muscles of mastication:
    • temporalis
    • medial pterygoid
    • masseter
    • lateral pterygoid
  33. The pterygoid venous plexus communicantes with all of the following structures except:

    B) lingual vein - V3
  34. Which one of the following statements is true with reference to the temporomandibular joint:

    A) The articular disc completely divides the joint into a superior and a smaller inferior cavity.
  35. In the hilus of the left lung which of the following structures is most anterior in position?

    C. pulmonary ligament
  36. Which one of the following groups of lymph nodes receives some of the lymph from the breast?

    A. parasternal nodes
  37. The posterior circumflex humeral artery:
    winds around the anatomical neck of the humerus
  38. The bare area of the liver is bounded by:
    the coronary ligament
  39. Which of the following statements is true of the inguinal canal?

    C. The inguinal canal contains the ilio-inguinal nerve.
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