Ch 6 & 7 Article - One More Time: How Do You Motivate Employees?

  1. According to Herzberg, what motivates employees?
    • Interesting work
    • Challenge
    • Increasing responsibility for growth and achievement
  2. Negative Physical KITA
    • Literal application of brute-force motivation¬†
    • Ex: Taking someone's rug away
  3. Negative Psychological KITA
    Administering brute-force to get someone to move, but not be motivated.
  4. Is Positive KITA motivation?
    No, it's like pulling the receiver instead of pushing them.
  5. Positive KITA methods that don't really work
    • Reducing Time Spent at Work
    • Spiraling Wages
    • Fringe Benefits - Are rights, not rewards
    • Human Relations Training
    • Sensitivity Training
    • Communications - Getting other employees to clarify communication between supervisors and employees
    • Job Participation - Give them the "big picture"
    • Employee Counseling
  6. The opposite of job satisfaction is
    No job satisfaction
  7. The opposite of job dissatisfaction is
    No job dissatisfaction
  8. Eternal Triangle
    • Three general philosophies of personnel management
    • Organizational Theory
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Behavioral Science
  9. Organizational Theory
    The more efficient the job structure, the more favorable the job attitudes that will follow.
  10. Industrial Engineering Theory
    Cater jobs to retain the most efficient and optimal human performance.
  11. Behavioral Science Theory
    Cater to employee psychological health and their performance will improve.
  12. Horizontal Job Loading
    Adding additional requirements similar to the same goals currently being worked on.
  13. Vertical Job Loading
    Adding new tasks requiring the employee to adopt more responsibility over their current tasks.
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Ch 6 & 7 Article - One More Time: How Do You Motivate Employees?
One More Time: How Do You Motivate Employees?