1. actions/responses of adrenergic drugs
    • purpose of stimulatin sympathetic(adenergic) nerves is to divert blood flow to vital organs so body could deal w/ stress
    • CNS- wakefulness, fast reaction 2 stimuli, fast reflexes
    • ANS-relaxation of smooth musclesof bronchi, constriction of blood vessels, sphincters of stomach, dialation of coronary blood vessels, decreases gastric mobilty
    • HEART- increases HR
    • METABOLISM- increase use of glucose & liberation of fatty acids from adipose tissue
  2. Adrenergic nerve receptors
    degree to which any organs is affected by sympathic nervous system depends on which postsynpathic nerve receptor site are activated

    adrenergic nerves: alpha or beta receptors

    drugs act as selective acts on A or B receptors, nonselective act on both
  3. Effects of Adrenergic receptors
    • A1- peripheral blood vessels- effects vasoconstriction of peripheral blood vessels
    • A2- presynaptic- regulates release of neurotransmitter, decrease tone, motility & secretions of GI tract

    • B1- myocardium- increasesd HR & force of myocardial contration
    • B2- peripheral blood vessels- vasdialation of peripheral vessels
    • bronchial smooth muscle- bronchodilation
  4. Adrenergic Drug Uses:
    • hypovolemia & septic shock, allergic reaction(anaphylactic shock, angioneurotic edema), ventricular arrhythmias
    • control of superficial bleeding during surgical & dental procedures of mouth, nose, throat, skn, nasal, congestion, & glucoma
    • cardiac decomposition & arrest
    • temp. tx of heart block
    • used as a bronchodialator
    • vasoconstricting adjunct to anethetics to prolong it
    • shock- inadequate tissue profussion
    • *symptoms- supply of aterial bolld oxygen flowing to cells & tissue is inadequate
  5. types of shock
    hypovolemic shock,carddiogenic shock,distributive shock

    • shock results:
    • decrease in cardiac output,hypoxia,decrease in arterial blood pressure;reabsorption of water by kidneys
    • increase in carbon dioxide in blood,decrease in oxygen in blood increased concentration of intravascular fluid in cardiogenic shock adrenerginic drug may b used w/ a vasodialating drug
    • vasodialator- improves myocardial performance, adrenergenic maintains b/p
  6. AR
    depends on the drug, dose, & pt

    • cardiac arrhythmias
    • headache
    • nausea, vomiting
    • high b/p

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