Ch 6 & 7 Article - How to Kill Creativity

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  1. What's the most common extrinsic motivator that manager's use?
  2. Which influences motivation more? Intrinsic or extrinsic motivation?
  3. Intrinsic motivators
    Passion and interest
  4. Extrinsic motivators
    Things that come from outside a person
  5. Challenge
    Matching a project with an employee so they are not bored, but don't feel overwhelmed
  6. Freedom
    Allowing employees to choose how they may reach certain goals that the manager sets
  7. Resources
    Giving the right amount of time and money to create pressure, but not overwhelm
  8. Work-group features
    Creating teams with some diversity and heterogeneous thinking to promote creativity
  9. Supervisory encouragement
    Giving routine encouragement and pushing through harsh conflict to make employees feel important and prideful
  10. Organizational support
    Making sure the other people in the organization are cheering on teams and not doing anything disruptive (politics can be a contributor)
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Ch 6 & 7 Article - How to Kill Creativity
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