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  1. What is super's perspective
  2. Trait Factor theory
    • Major ProponentsFrank ParsonsEdmund Williamson
    • Trait refers to a characteristic of an individual that can be measured through testing
    • Factor refers to a characteristic required for successful job performance
  3. trait and factor approach
    • Focuses on career choice
    • Point-in-time assessmentAge not really a factor,
    • present of most importance
    • Emphasize specific factors which are to be tested
  4. Holland
    • Career choice is an expression of, or an extension of personality into the world of work.
    • Individuals search for environments that will let them exercise their skills and abilities, express their attitudes and values, and take on agreeable problems and roles.
    • There are six kinds of occupational environments and six matching personal orientations
  5. Developmental/Life-Span Theory
    Major ProponentsDonald Super and Eli GinzbergPeople develop career preferences as they mature. Different chronological stages correspond to different developmental tasks. These stages evolve from one to the next as people age
  6. Super
    Career development is multidimensional.Throughout the life-span there are developmental tasks to be accomplished.Vocational maturity is acquired through successfully accomplishing these tasks within the continuous series of life stages.Individuals implement their self-concepts into careers that will provide the most efficient means of self-expressions.Success in one life role facilitates success in another
  7. Happenstance Approach
    • The Happenstance Approach emphasizes making the most out of unplanned events and creating chance.
    • Psychological and biological determinants affect when a person is in each stage and how they address these roles in each stageEncourage clients to pay attention to chance events, relationships, etc.
    • Help clients learn to respond to unplanned events in an open and positive manner.
    • Encourage clients to become active and involved as a way to increase the possibility of chance events.
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