Rigging Teqhniques

  1. Two types of wire core designs are fiber core and independent wire rope core.
    True or False?
  2. What is the percentage gain in strength using IWRC versus a fiber core wire rope?
  3. What characteristic increases in a wire rope by using a rope with more strands and more wires in the strands?

    D. Flexibility
  4. Grade 110/120 Improved Plow Steel has the highest tensile of any type of wire rope.
    True or False?
  5. A regular lay wire rope has strands and wires in the strands that:

    B. are laid in opposite directions.
  6. Due to its tendency to unwind, which wire rope should NOT be used on single part hoisting lines?

    B. Lang Lay
  7. 7. a 6x19 wire rope classification could have as many as 16 to 26 wires per strand. 
    True or False?
  8. Which wire rope classification is listes as non-rotating?

    C. 35 Strand
  9. When a non-rotating rope is used in a wedge socket, care must be taken to prevent:

    A. core slippage
  10. A rotation resistant wire rope may have a smaller Working Load Limit(SWL) than an equal size 6X37 IWRC because:

    C. both of the above
  11. When hoisting personnel on a crane equipped with rotating resistant wire rope, what is the Design( safety) Factor required by most safety standards?

    A. 10:1
  12. Newer designs of wore rope with shaped wires and triangular strands are an attempt to prevent rope damage from:

    D. All of the above
  13. Referring to the number of broken wires allowed in a wire rope. The "Rule of Thumb" for determining replacement is :

    B. 3/6
  14. When inspecting wire rope, interior broken wires and corrosion can be checked by magnetic particle testing. 
    True or False?
  15. Corrosion of wire rope is usually caused from 

    B. Lack of lubrication
  16. Which product below is considered a suitable lubricant to use on a wire rope?

    A. light mineral oil
  17. To avoid kinking wire rope when spooling it onto a drum from the shipping reel, the operator should always:

    A. allow the reel to rotate freely
  18. What is the Rule of Thumb formula to find the Ultimate Load(breaking strength) of an IWRC wire rope?

    A. DX 45
  19. When the Ultimate Load (breaking strength) of a wire rope is divided by a safety (design) factor, the result is called the :

    D. working load limit( SWL)
  20. What happens when a wire rope is bent around a sheave or a hook?

    D. nominal strength is reduced
  21. A 1 inch wire rope eye sling( no thimble) lifting a load with a 1 inch shackle will be approximately how efficient?

    B. 50%
  22. Referring to slings, the terms "Rated Capacity" or " Working Load Limit" replaces the old terminology of :

    A. safe working load
  23. Wire rope should be replaced if the wear in the outer strand wires exceeds:

    C. 1/3
  24. What is the minimum Design (safety) Factor for general sling use?

    B. 5 to 1
  25. With an "improved plow" wire rope sling, the preferred D/d basket hitch ratio is:

    C. 25 to 1
  26. A 4- leg bridle sling will always carry the load weight equally on all 4 legs. 
    True or False?
  27. A sling wrapped around a rectangular load in a basket is rated at the full basket hitch Working Load Limit. 
    True or False?
  28. When slinging a bundle of pipe or tubing which of the following would provide the best contact between sling and load ?

    B. two double wrap chokers
  29. Because all web slings are manufactured identically, the ID tag does not indicate the rated load. 
    True or False?
  30. Synthetic slings can be safely used under any environmental circumstances. 
    True or False?
    False  Synthetic loses 15% of strength when wet
  31. Referring to the standard format of sling load charts, the angle between the top of the load and the sling leg is called the :

    A. horizontal angle
  32. Using two slings to lift a load, at what degree angle to the horizontal is the load on each sling considered to be equal to the weight of the load?

    A. 30
  33. Calculate using the recommended safe lifting angle , the distance between the lift points connecting the load using two 12 foot slings.

    C. 12 Feet
  34. Using the basic "Riggers Rule" (6' Rule Method),Calculate the load in pounds on each sling leg, using two 12 foot slings with a vertical distance to hook point of 8 feet , and a load of 8,000 pounds.

    A. 6000
  35. The standard "Riggers Rule", sling load formula can be applied to a non symmetrical shaped load lifted with 2 sling legs. 
    True or False?
  36. What happens to the rigging hardware when sudden movements or shock loading occurs?

    B. increased load stress
  37. Using a high line to lift a load inside a building does not require consultation with a structural engineer.
    True or False?
  38. Which answer below is always embossed on good quality forged rigging hardware? Pick best answer

    A. traceable code number
  39. Safety regulations prohibit the use of clips to make hoisting sling eyes.
    True or False?
  40. Correctly installed U-bolt type wire rope clips are installed with the U portion of the clip on the :

    B. dead or short end
  41. When compared to the rated size of the body of a shackle, the diameter of the pin is always

    C. larger than the body
  42. Shackles are only rated for their maximum capacity when used for what type of pull?

    B. straight line pull
  43. With two shackles or sling eyes in a hook, what is the suggested maximum included lifting angle?

    D. 90 degrees
  44. A wedge socket must be attached with the load line pulling in a straight line from the :

    C. Pin
  45. Referring to wedge sockets, it is permitted to clip the wire rope dead end to the load line
    True or False?
  46. Which type of eye-bolt should be used if there is any possibility of an angular load?
    A. shoulder type
    B. shoulder less type
    A. shoulder type
  47. It is acceptable practice to lift a load at an angle less than 45 degrees to the horizontal with an eye-bolt.  True or False?
  48. Custom fabricated lifting beams or any homemade lifting device must be :

    D. all of the above
  49. What safety requirement must be performed with a basket used to hoist personnel?

    D. all of the above
  50. The "Rule of Thumb" minimum for wire rope to sheave ratio is:

    A. 20 to 1
  51. What is the mechanical advantage ratio created on the top fixed sheave of a two block hoisting system?

    C. none
  52. When determining the number of parts of line needed for rigging a system, what unknown factor makes the use of a ratio chart a necessity?

    A. friction
  53. The main disadvantage of lace reeving is:

    C. the blocks tilt toward each other
  54. The main advantage of a side opening snatch block is: pick best answer

    C. ease of installing on wire rope.
  55. With the load suspended, a single block hoisting assemble has a lead line pull of 200 pounds. If the lines are parallel, what is the load on the block?

    C. 400 pounds
  56. When spooling wire rope from a reel to the bottom of a crane or hoist drum, the wire rope must come off which part of the reel?
    Top or Bottom?
  57. A hoist drum is an over-wind using right lay wire rop. where is the rope connected in relation to the hoist operator standing behind the drum?

    C. Left side
  58. If the wire rope hoist line coming off a drum is fed into a sheave, how must the sheave be positioned.

    C. aligned with the proper fleet angle.
  59. As more wraps of wire rope are spooled onto a drum hoist( tugger) , the exerted pull on the rope will:

    B. Decrease
  60. Before using an air operated tugger, the air line should be blown out to remove excess moisture. True or False?
  61. One advantage of a chain sling is that it can be safely shock loaded due to its elasticity. True or False?
  62. Load decking chain is the type used for chain hoisting slings. True or False?
  63. A matched set of chain slings with one leg longer than the others is likely an indication of :

    C. stretched links
  64. Determine if this statement is true or false. To safely increase the capacity of a Come - A- Long, a two foot long snipe can be used.
    True or False?
  65. Which of the following is Not a typial type of jack for over-the floor rigging?

    B. electric
  66. Which of the following could be used to move a heavy load from an outside pad into a building?

    D. all of the above
  67. The most commonly used grade of natural fiber rope is:

    C. number one grade manila
  68. Knots tied in fiber rope reduce the strength by approximately:

    B. 50%
  69. Which splice is used when forming an eye in fiber rope?

    B. side splice
  70. Which of the following can be used as a last resort emergency rescue knot?

    A. Spanish bowline
  71. This knot is known as a "killer knot because it is often used improperly

    B. Reef knot
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